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Positive Plus

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A simple wall art print that talks about the incremental power of positivity. Free Shipping to anywhere in India. Choose a combination that you like to see the prices.'
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The Albedo - Space Wall Art, Moon Art, Minimal Poster

The Albedo

From: ₹599.00
A wall art piece with key elements of nature and optimism. Free Shipping to anywhere in India. Choose a combination that you like to see the prices.'
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Divine Journey - Mid Century Art, Abstract Geometric Art

Divine Journey

From: ₹599.00
A geometric modern art print that relays various nuances of nature. Free Shipping to anywhere in India. Choose a combination that you like to see the prices.'
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Hello and Welcome!

Art opens your soul, caresses your heart and brings your mind new possibilities of envisioning a reality, by this, expanding the horizons of your being. We intend to harness your ability to receive art into your life, by decorating your space with artworks that reflect your creativity and uplift your spirit, promoting a positive and meaningful lifestyle.

PYAAR brings beautiful art to your walls.

We are a lifestyle brand for affordable art.

At PYAAR, you will find a diverse style of prints, posters and artworks along with frames, hangers, and picture ledges.

We frequently add new works to our collections from various styles – modern, minimalist, abstract, surreal, chic – that suit every personality, and that fit in every wall space.

We’ve two fulfillment centers, one in India, where our studio is located in Kollam, a small district from Kerala – God’s own country – and with a prominence that has been talked about for centuries by legendary explorers from Ibn Battuta to Marco Polo. Still today, the district remains as a center of culture and learning with a cultural heritage spanning from literature to folklore and music. This studio manages the production and logistics for our customers in India

Another fulfillment center is in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, This studio manages the production and operations for our customers in the Middle East and other international destinations

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We funnel beauty into your interiors.

PYAAR goes hand in hand with the modern Indian, who is already well versed in all that the urban lifestyle has to offer, who is aware of the opportunities of a creative ambient and knows how to use them in her benefit.

Art is for everyone. We believe that art is not a privilege of the wealthy and that the experience of beauty should not be a rare occurrence, dedicated to museums or extraordinary natural landscapes, but a constant in your daily reality.

So, be our guest, and enjoy browsing our expansive, affordable collection of ready-to-hang artwork like a visitor in an exclusive gallery.

We have curated a beautiful collection of high quality affordable art prints and posters for your walls. Take your time. Make yourself at home. Make sure you choose the art that is right for you and your space; something that can guide and support your path, the ones that nourish your true individuality and express it.

Hang this expression of yourself on your walls, as a constant reminder of who you are and what you aspire to be.

PYAAR is there to reflect your own artistic vision, your own beauty.

Take that step today.

Thank you,

Art for Everyone, Everywhere

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