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Art opens your soul, caresses your heart and brings your mind new possibilities of envisioning a reality, by this, expanding the horizons of your being. We intend to harness your ability to receive art into your life, by decorating your space with artworks that reflect your creativity and uplift your spirit, promoting a positive and meaningful lifestyle.

PYAAR brings beautiful art to your walls.

We are a lifestyle brand for wall art decor.

At our art shop, you will find a diverse style of prints, posters, and artwork along with frames, hangers, and picture ledges. We frequently add new works to our collections from various styles – modern art, minimalist art, abstract art– that suit every personality, and that fit in every wall space.

Who we are.

We’re a small independent and family-run studio, just trying to bring affordable art ideas to your walls. We create, design, paint, curate, and collect all artworks exhibited here.

Where we are based.

We have two homes.

Our first home is in Dubai, the United Arab Emirates, This studio manages the production and operations for our customers from the UAE, MENA, and other international destinations.

Our second home is in India, where our studio is located in Kollam, a small district of Kerala – God’s own country – and with a prominence that has been talked about for centuries by legendary explorers from Ibn Battuta to Marco Polo. This studio manages the production and delivery for our Indian customers.

Our fulfillment centers are located in  Dubai (United Arab Emirates), London (UK) and Mangalore (India)

Why we do what we do.

We love art.

And. we do it by offering a diverse selection of art for you to curate yourself, we encourage you to not only express your own individuality but also use it as a means of self-reflection.

You can fill your walls with works of art that reflect your passions, your values, and beliefs, what you love but also what you aspire to, attitudes that you wish to embrace, and states of mind that you wish to embody.

With this, art gains the function of enriching your reality with new symbolism as well as filling in emotional and spiritual gaps that can hardly find nourishment in everyday life.

And, we’re glad to be part of this journey!

Our Designs.

Minimal, Functional, and Informational.

Every Home is a Museum

If a picture tells a thousand words, then a wall can tell a million stories.

Your wall space is your blank canvas to tell your own unique and fascinating tale. Your space can become a deep and meaningful message to visitors simply by choosing the right decorations that tell of who you are and where you have been. 

A museum does not just happen, it is curated.

You are the chief curator in your life and your home. Create exactly the look and feel you desire by displaying relics that reveal your history, piece by piece.

An old, dog-eared passport or a worn-out suitcase decorated with faded postcards can paint a picture of an individual’s life, of where they have been and the adventures they have undertaken. 

Why not translate these adventures into your walls? 

Let your home put your unique story on display. Your walls can transcend time by telling of past voyages, current projects, and future yearnings. Tell of mountains conquered. Boats braved. Hectic market bazaars navigated. Tell of those dear to your heart. Tell of the days you are marking off until you see them again. 

Within all this, we provide an underlying narrative of love and contentment. Artworks promote healing emotions and calm the spirit to help onlookers view your life story through the positive lens of love and companionship. Even the most stormy seas and saddest of memories will ride high on an undercurrent of true love. And after all, love conquers all. :- )

Well, Be Our Guest

Enjoy browsing our expansive, affordable collection of ready-to-hang artwork like a visitor in an exclusive gallery. Take your time. Make yourself at home. Make sure you choose the art that is right for you and your space; something that can guide and support your path, the ones that nourish your true individuality and express it. Hang this expression of yourself on your walls, as a constant reminder of who you are and what you aspire to be. 

PYAAR is there to reflect your own artistic vision, and your own beauty.

Take that step today.

Thank you,

Art for Everyone, Everywhere

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