Our commitment

Sustaining Our Planet, Fulfilling Our Responsibility.

We aim at being as environmentally sensitive as possible, from sourcing recycled paper for printing our artworks to sourcing organic wood for our frames.

Care For Our Planet, Care For Our Being.

Our planet, our unique abode full of life-comfy assets to provide, protect, and shelter our lives and properties. It's giving us a lot, and we as individuals, a group, or a company must ensure we safeguard our environment.

Our Planet, Our Canvas!

Our planet, our priceless home, provides, protects, and nurtures us as we move forward in our life’s journey. It gives us abundance, and we as individuals, a group, or a company must ensure we safeguard our environment and leave a positive legacy for the next generation.

At Pyaarnation, we aim to be as environmentally sensitive as possible, from sourcing recycled paper for printing our artworks to sourcing organic wood for our frames. Despite our best efforts, we realize that sometimes we cannot meet all requirements to go 100% planet-friendly in our printing, framing, and packaging.

For the love of our dear planet, we are proud to have partnered with Sacred Groves to offset our emissions and advance our commitment to sustainability.

Sustainability at Pyaarnation with Sacred Groves

What is Sacred Groves?

The Sacred Groves is a Community Interest Company incorporated in England & Wales, driven by the purpose of protecting our planet’s natural habitats. Their platform has been built to enable millions of Guardians (environmentally sensitive individuals and companies) to seamlessly participate in the conservation process.

Sacred Groves aims to protect natural habitats and inspire meaningful change. It is aligned with UN SDG 15 – Life on Land and UN SDG 13 – Climate Action and, by 2025, aspires to protect and conserve 100,000 acres of natural habitats with the support of a flourishing community of 500,000+ Guardians. 

What is a Sacred Groves Cluster?

A Sacred Groves Cluster is a digital/virtual unit of natural habitat protected and conserved by Sacred Groves. A cluster means entire biodiversity that consists of trees, water, shrubs, grassland rocks, etc.

These clusters are assigned a unique ID for easy monitoring of how healthy and evaluating the progress is through geospatial data and satellite imagery.

The Pyaarnation x Sacred Groves Partnership

We buy and protect 1 sq feet of biodiverse habitat for every 1 sq feet of art you buy.

This means that when you purchase art of 50x70cm, that is 3.77 sq feet of biodiverse habitat that we support and protect. On a larger scale, if we sell 1,000 50x70cm artworks, we support and protect 3,770 sq feet of habitat.

Instead of 1 Art = 1 Tree model, we go and protect an entire piece of biodiverse habitat for every sq foot of the artwork we sell. This means we protect water, grasslands, shrubs, trees, rocks etc., that are part of the land. Sacred Groves modern technology enables us to do it seamlessly via their platform.

What is our overall impact?

For every Sacred Groves Cluster we take a step forward in our commitment to conservation.

We not only love art, but we also adore our planet and commit to making every effort to help it flourish for the generations to come.

Our collaboration with Sacred Groves is a starting point as we continue to challenge ourselves for complete carbon neutrality in all phases of our processing – from production, printing, and framing to delivery.

We are working closely with our producers to improve the sustainability of our products, firstly by guaranteeing materials are selected with the environment in mind and also by continually adapting processes to minimize production waste.

More About Sacred Groves

Deforestation and forest degradation continue to occur at alarming rates, with the world losing a soccer field equivalent (1.76 acres) of primary forests every 6 seconds! According to the UN-REDD (Reducing Emissions from Deforestation and forest Degradation), 

  1. Currently, 11% of all carbon emissions stem from deforestation – more than emissions from all means of transport combined.
  2. Halting deforestation and forest degradation can avoid emissions of more than 5 gigatons CO2e/year.
  3. Forest conservation and restoration can provide more than one-quarter of the emissions reductions needed in the next two decades. 

The purpose of Sacred Groves is to protect natural habitats and inspire meaningful change.

Sacred Groves secures natural habitats through either direct acquisition or long-term contracts with landowners and governments, maps them using geospatial imaging, and converts them using advanced analytics into virtual Sacred Groves Clusters (SGCs).

These are available for a fee on its web and mobile applications for monitoring and support by Guardians.

Each SGC is available for a one-time fee of £40 for a 10-year term and can be easily gifted on birthdays, anniversaries, etc. With the recent introduction of the Squads feature, Sacred Groves aspires to become a social network for the environmentally conscious. It has taken the effort out of habitat protection by doing all the heavy lifting, which includes legal contracts, taxation, maintenance services, technology, community engagement, marketing, payments, etc. In a few minutes, Guardians can advance their conservation journey.

Connect with like-minded Guardians by creating or joining a Squad. Share your ideas and experiences in finding ways to mitigate our climate impact. Learn from others and inspire change through action. Our planet is what we all have in common!

Now you wish to be part of this journey for personal or professional reasons, check out the Sacred Groves website. Supporting natural habitats is Easy, and even the most minor contribution can make a difference.