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Talk About 2020 Color of the Year

2020 color of the year

Pantone has finally concluded the 2020 color of the year and yes, that is Classic Blue! We are absolutely taken to no surprise, indeed. The byline to color stated by Pantone is “the sky at dusk”.

The perfect analogy to the shade towards inspiring all the designers and homemakers to décor their houses by the duskier shade of the year. This cool color is bound to let you make feel heavenly.

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Although Blue is not a tricky color, a few selections of matching shades will beautify the entire set up.

Suggested by expert’s bits of advice, we bring you a range of shades that will synchronously pace with Classic Blue. And a few tips to just render your place with a final touch. Wall art hanging guide.

Deck up with Contrasting Orange

Blue is, apparently, said to have paired well with gold and coppers. Blue is a cool color and thus it complements with warmer shades. Yellow and Orange are opposite shades to Blue, in terms of the colour wheel. The contrasting effects develop a brightness in the character of a product.

The combination of Orange and Blue is like that of a game called Hide and seek, fun and frolic, exciting and tempting, titillating and relaxing.

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When you decorate your house using Orange and Blue, you must keep in mind the proportions. You cannot use bright tones of both the colors in equal proportion. This can be provoking.

It is advisable to utilise them in their gradations allowing a validated breather space to the bright tones. This way the rooms can be bearable to all ages.

Go Elegant with White

Experts advise that Classic blue fabulously matches with bright white. And there is no doubt to it! Any kind of neatly made room will spice up with just a blue wall or cabinets.

The drama will project freshness, reinvigorated aura and breathtaking liveliness to any nature of space.

When White is a dominant factor in your apartment, Blue will satiate the yearning of the blandness. Blue and White are like bum-chums; they never create friction.

Golden Yellow will glamour it with Royalness

The 2020 color of the year: Classic Blue, when paired with Golden yellow creates a magnetic environment.

Blue and Yellow are similar to the pair of Blue and Orange but the only difference is that the former is quite romanticised while the latter bends towards an amicable relationship.

The combination of Blue and Yellow can cater to any kind of interiors’ set up. From traditional, native, urban, glam or upscale, it will suit the needs without much of effort. It is due to this reason that Blue and Golden yellow or ochre yellow with a tinge of chrome yellow has a capability to make the apartment appear stunning, charming and brilliant.

Leafy Green to make it look Earthy

If you are a nature lover and would love to recreate the feeling of woods and openness, then Green is the key.

While extreme and darker green could be cumbersome, rigid and eventually futile, the leafy green, parrot green and the viridian greens will assist the 2020 color of the year.

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Feeling fresh and jovial all the time is yearned by one and all. When you know that your compact rooms could be suffocating and claustrophobic, try and add a dramatic quotient through these natural colours. This will assuredly help you to sustain the positivity and determination.

Monochromes of classic Blue, 2020 Color of the Year

Monochromatic shades undoubtedly bring rhythm to space. If you love to play adding black and white to a particular color in order to produce a range of shades, then this pattern is definitely for you! When one colour proceeds with a degree further in their intensity, the eyes move with it. This progress of observation or witnessing the change is indeed fun and entertaining.

Monochromes deliver the audience with ease in understanding the context of a certain design. Similarly in interior design, a space reverberates with a flow of energy and enthusiasm.

While you see a curtain in Prussian blue, your eyes will immediately catch onto a cobalt classic blue couch or a wall.

Moving further, it is enthralling to again catch onto a sky-blue ceiling or cushions or lampshades. The decorative motifs in these products add further melodramatic quality.

Match it with Soft Pastels

Blue, depending on the shade we utilize, is a cool color but carries infinite warmth. While we rack our brains to decide a matching tone to Blue, we can actually use all of them in their low key. Low key tones are the ones that soft pastels produce.

These soft pastel tones are not harmful to our eyes. Rather, they soothe, merge and glorify the space due to their tonalities.

Classic blue will work wonders with Soft pastels. The low-key shades of pink, green, orange, purple, red, magenta, white and many more in their subdued version will be an appropriate match.

Shade it with Greys

To keep it simple yet stunning and elegant, match the Classic blue with versions of grey. Grey is in itself a low key shade. As mentioned before, low keys are harmless but they can brilliantly and successfully marry single bright tone.

Using Ultramarine blue with Grey can liven up the whole lobby of interior designing. Not only it is contemporary by the standards but also it will be an appeal and fulfil the traditional norms of designing an office or residence.

Apart from the same, Grey is a monochrome of black and white, which in a way brings a rhythmic dance to space.

Rendering a bedroom, for example, you can keep the bedsheet in classic blue while the walls can shimmer with a flat tone of mid-range grey. A silhouette decorative motive will add finesse to the simple upliftment of the room.

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The Pantone’s 2020 color of the year, Classic Blue, of the year promises to keep you energetic, happy and at peace.



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