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The vast umbrella of Art has hardly let anyone describe and evaluate the definition of art. Art is explained by the way of living. A mere simple action performed with wholesome integrity, attention, and awareness defines itself to be ‘Art’. Majorly, we breathe our lives through a subconscious approach. This subconscious mechanism attributed to ourselves is collectively termed as deeper conditioning. While expressing, a lot of conditioning is expressed through a medium. The expressed creation is devoid of suggestions by the intellect. It is pure. Thus, Art is described as a moment wherein we express the very core of us through distinguishing and a myriad of patterns.

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According to the mentioned history, Art is also described by the everchanging processes. From a traditional way to make art to the present scenario of Post contemporary art, the definition of art has taken many paradigm shifts. But Art has a very sensitive meaning, irrespective of modes of expression, it harnesses. Let us understand these.

Art As Way To Live

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With the objective to describe and analyze the meaning, a basic definition of Art has been finally derived as a process of witnessing the act with wholesome awareness. For instance, you pick up a bottle you feel the action, feel the touch of the bottle and observe the act of lifting it.

Abstract expressionism artists like Mark Rothko, Jackson Pollock, Lee Krasner, Frank Stella experienced each brushstroke they applied on the canvas. It was a sheer instinctive communication that subconsciously compels the artist to perform. They lived in art and performed art. For them, there was no difference between the act of creations and the way of living.

“Every Child is an Artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once you grow up.”

Pablo Picasso

Picasso has aptly described the definition of Art by comparing it with children. During childhood, we do not express with ur judgments. We rather tend to do it by our sheer will. You must have observed artworks by children being appreciated more than what adults practice.

Definition of Art as a means of expression

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As a means of expression, the definition of Art varies with the medium, time, region, and culture. In prehistoric art of 10,000 years old, the cave art represented an act of leisure, for capturing a scene and documenting the event. These serve as a record of time to the present art professionals.

Art is meant to express, irrespective of the concepts you select. This is a function of art. While you draw a sketch or put a blob of clay or paint colors, you are totally being is alive at the moment. You are subtly expressing your inner self. The things that have stirred up with you reflect on the paper or any medium you harness.

Art is a way to create or make something

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The final product of practicing Art is a beautiful creation. Vincent Van Gogh was a Dutch painter who had a weird infatuation with Plein air paintings. Plein air paintings are described as artworks created outside, in the open, under the blue sky. Moreover, he had also created many portraits of his kith and kin. The act of creation is so pure and humble that one can become addicted to the same. Moreover, when you practice landscape not only the act of art-making is changing you but also the natural features in open are mutating your cells. The cells that make you a human being!

On the same line, Art does not necessarily mean as an act of making a painting or sculpture. It also means an act of simply performing any activity. The intent action will never tire you during the process. Rather it will keep you rejuvenated throughout the way.

Art as a means of experiencing the beauty

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Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart.

-Kahlil Gibran

Experiencing beauty is an apt definition of art. Not only the process of making art but also living through it and experiencing the final product. Besides, it makes us realize the right meaning of beauty.

Today, beauty is described through external features. But, beauty is not about temporary quality. It is everlasting and imitable. The concept of beauty is about sustainability. A lot of times you feel beautiful over achieving a certain mission or task. The inner self heals with developed content and satisfaction. These are all glimmers of beauty.

When you practice arts, you are at the crux of being Beauty and feeling beautiful!

Art as a means to learn the principle of nature

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There are two ways to discuss this sub-heading. Leonardo da Vinci was an artist who made exclusive drawings of anatomy and botany. He lived in the 15th century. These times were largely conservative and did not have the capability to seek new dom or revolutions. However, Leonardo made life drawings using dead bodies from the morgue. His study of the human body was descriptive and vivid that even present artists still use his works to understand anatomy. Additionally, he also studied plants and made several sketches with detailed descriptions and mentions. He was actually studying nature. Nature is eternal. The entity works in wondrous ways and methods, which a human mind can hardly fathom.

At the same time, apart from drawing from life the act of expressing itself is a holistic study. Your temperaments waver at every mode of expression. You might be annoyed at first for not arriving at the conclusion while you create; it could be anything ranging from an origami form to a statue to a recipe to some form of craft. As time passes by you see it catches its final form. You are helpless in the process of time. This is a natural law. You study this law of nature from within.


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