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3 Powerful Tips for Choosing Art for Your Home Decor

how to choose art

Interior design rules and regulations our apartments, office, exteriors spaces, and our alleys, too.

What you gotta do with these walls? Are there any rules to follow to decorate them?

Which part of the walls should we decorate?

Confusion begets worries and chaos.

That is why if you sort your basic rules, you might not trap yourself in doubts, and numerous options available in the market.

Here are a few sets of principles, which could help in your trials and tribulations with walls.

It’s About YOU

Your home is your identity! Impress it deeply in your mind.

A lot of couples and nuclear families tend to neglect the essential décor of the house owing to their professions and work. But a few basic ideas could also make a powerful statement. A few adjustments here and there would do a fantastic job.

However, irrespective of the kind of family, your large walls are an opportunity to not only showcase your talents but also distinctly talk about your personality. So ideate wall art design rules that focus on your interests and likes.

This blank canvas of wall could be either a chapter of your life or a glimpse into your overall demeanor.

Will walls being the first element of gaze when one visits, make sure you select the right decorations. which impart an idea of you and not what you have achieved or where you have been. Art in life brings to your footstep a measure of hope and tenderness.

While art could move the world, it would also affect the house-members. And Pyaar just helps you build this artistic link. Providing a range of functional art pieces, you can pick the one that reflects your thoughts and thinking pattern.

Use this medium to develops stronger bonds and connect with people of the world. Show that it is about YOU!

Typography Wall Art Set For Home


Tell a Story

Every being on the earth has a story to tell and share. These stories are ethereal, which are interconnected.

Besides, each individual is also made up of several stories; a few bad and a few good ones. Well, so these stories can be a part of your walls! The only thing you are left with is curation.

A museum cannot be constructed in one day. It needs a special pair of eyes to select and particularly deselect from the many in your collection. Similarly, you will have to pick selected anecdotes from your life to display and flaunt it on your walls.

How to go about this idea? You can either club them in a variety of assortments. It could be your memories, past travels, and adventure voyages or anything old that is otherwise insignificant in your life.

The mementos collected in the past will develop an amazing mural on the wall. You just have to curate. You just have to tell a story through one of these fabulous wall design art rules. Let your loved one or a guest know about the mountain you had summited, or the crowded markets you sneaked through, or maybe if you have sailed a boat or anything that has been one of your most fascinating moments of life.

This way, your walls will transcend time and make your past an eternal present. Don’t you think so? Thus, let your home be paraphernalia of your anecdotes.

The Virtue of Courage

Courage is a virtue that reflects in every act or chore we perform.

Your act will be diffident if it lacks inner wisdom and knowledge. In art, courage is a very important prerequisite to creating an expression that is true to the core. The lines, brushstrokes, visual form, and the tenacity of the decision immediately manifest on the canvas. Your feelings are subconsciously converted into the medium you choose to express.

The same set of wall art design rules are prescribed for top wall décor ideas. And, your approach to the idea of embellishing your home walls will inevitably reflect. Hence, make sure you think of an authentic notion if you want your personality to radiate on your walls.

Let your true and courageous personality inspire the visitors to think about themselves. Also, let them revel in the knowledge and peace you have acquired in your house. All this is because you courageously chose to remain yourself, no matter what!

You chose to get away from your comfort zone and stepped into the unknown waters of your identity. The whole meaning of art is pointless if it doesn’t drive your inner being and consciousness.

These are basic ideas towards three important wall art design rules, which make your thinking ground clear. This clarity will help you throughout the way, as and when you plan to décor your walls.


About Urvi Chheda

Urvi Chheda begins to write without the will but ends up writing her mind. She is involved with multiple Art research projects while aiming to indulge in as many as she could undertake. Hardworking and intuitive by nature, she excels in reading and getting through the concepts’ abyss. She has graduated from the Sir JJ School of Art, Mumbai, India.

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