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Why You Need Art in Your Home

Art is a way of life. More often than not, it is widely assumed that art is just some blurry painting or scary-looking artifact in a museum somewhere on the surface of the earth. Over time, this idea has been countered and found to be far from what art really is.


The intriguing nature of art

Art is a pathway through which one’s thoughts, desires, actions, and ideologies can be expressed.


While many consider art to be just some vague representation of an inconceivable idea that can scarcely be understood by the artist himself, others believe art is more than a way of expression, for this set of people, art is a personality.


Works of art convey several messages, it could be that of despair, shame, joy, worry, skepticism, sometimes even a glimpse into the future.

The tones or message in artwork, however, is dependent on the artist. Quite a number of times, some people have found it difficult to understand the message being passed across in a work of art in the exact way the artist intends, the reason for this is that art can be different things to different people.


Art is subjective, trying to ascertain the message or tone of a work of art by its content, color, size or location is a futile effort.


Art has many tangible benefits

A long time ago, before I came to understand the concept of art and its intrigues, I was of the opinion that art wasn’t as significant as it had been made to seem.

However, over the years, I have come to understand that there are certain values, art as a verb does for us. It’s all about living true to your purpose

I have noticed that children who have interaction with art on a daily basis are often times, better students than those who don’t. Art is an amazing way to relieve stress, it helps you relax and at the same time, increases empathy, tolerance, and feelings of love depending on the message it passes across.


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I observed as I looked deeply at a Mother and Child artwork while relaxing, that I all of a sudden, felt an immense wave of love and appreciation for the one who bore me as the deep message of motherhood and its sacrifices struck me.

Amongst others, art also boosts self-esteem and provides a sense of accomplishment as the need arises.


Art is for everyone

Unbelievable as it is, art is everywhere. Vast as nature itself, virtually anyone can understand and relate to art, in any form it is.

Art is a means of communication. So, as long as the wealthy need to be communicated to, and the poor are not left out of the communication process in our world today, art has been found to be one of the very few level playing grounds that man has been able to create despite the differences in circles, backgrounds, and environment.


In its basic forms such as; Music, Opera, Drama, Photography, art everyone can relate to art. In more complex forms such as paintings and sculptures, it is widely seen in a museum.  However, this rare experience with beauty is now found to belong only to the wealthy, as the poor have lost touch with art in its most complex and intriguing forms.

The artist doesn’t create his works of art only to communicate to a certain category of people, he does so to pass a message across to everyone based on his personal and spiritual experiences in our world today, this is why extraordinary works of art shouldn’t be for historical purposes alone, as it is most times with the artifacts found in a museum.

If intriguing and captivating works of art are dedicated to museums and made to seem like a privilege to a certain circle, the aim of the artist who thought to express himself through art would have been defeated.


Every home is a museum

Contrary to the general idea that only artists do art, it has been found that even the average person has the ability to turn even the simplest space into a beautiful story.

Creativity is all it takes, yet creativity takes courage. Your brand new home can be your own channel to tell amazing stores and pass deep messages across to visitors. You get to choose the tone and feel you give your home through the art form you work with.


Art isn’t made for only exhibitions and museums, art is for your home as well.

By choosing the perfect decorations for your home, you stand a chance of seeing your personality take expression in the look your new home takes, and the message that you pass across to your visitors.


Take an interest, look deeper, understand, create, start and maintain conversations through daring artworks in every corner of your home.

The outlook of your home owing to various artworks that can be seen around can trigger deep conversations as regards life issues, societal and political problems, personal ideas and core values depending on which of these conversations you choose to create through the kind of art you invest in while working on decorating your new space.

You have the ability to tell a story of your experiences, adventures through art in your home, you are in charge.

Every artist was once an amateur. If you are willing to be adventurous, you will come to find that every mistake you make is a design on its own. Where art is concerned, there are no mistakes but happy falls from which you get up stronger, better and more enlightened.

If you are the kind of person who likes to indulge in poetry, you would find poems are a great investment.


Even a picture is a poem without words because art speaks where words are unable to explain the idea you have and as someone said, “ poetry is painting that is rather felt than seen, and painting is poetry that is rather seen than felt”.

Art allows you to lose yourself and find your true personality all at once because ‘nice’ isn’t always a characteristic of art, it just has to be capable of making you feel something deeper than the usual.


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If you put art into good use, you will have made yourself capable of bringing even your worst fears and most captivating imaginations to reality, art enables you to see yourself in things that are not you. The journey answers the question – why you need art in your home

You do not necessarily have to be overly serious while trying to make perfect use of your new home as a blank canvas, you only have to be willing to give it a try and express your innermost thoughts in ways only you can.

You can use your walls as a timebomb taking people into the future as it plays out in your mind, or you can tell a story of the past. Whichever way you choose to go, you must be willing to explore and draw out the artist in you.



If art were to be a man, he would have been awarded more times than anyone else in the world, as “The man with the ability to convey so many concepts all at once.”

You are human, if you make good use of the various forms of art – Visual, literary, performing, applied, interior decoration, you can be like art, because you will then have been able to convey so many concepts at once.

For that, we all owe you an award on a visit to your home because there would be no better museum in the world where we would be able to feel a million and one emotion in one split second.  check our wall art inspiration 



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  1. Love the ideas! Walls should always be dressed!

  2. Kate Hansen says:

    I never knew that children who interact with art can be better students. My husband and I are wanting to have more things hung up in our home. We’ll have to look into getting some art in our home.

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