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15 Best Living Room Wall Decor Ideas


The living room is that place in the home that usually houses the majority of the decoration in the home. This is true since it serves the purpose of a  reception in the home and the first contact that outsiders will have with the home. But this is not a license for packing the living room full of wall art designs. Our curator team has compiled the 15 best living room wall decor ideas for your inspiration.

When it comes to the living room wall decor ideas, it is an important component to be part of the face of your entire apartment. You got to keep it charming, attractive, and prominent. You got to keep it tidy, organized, and in order. When guests come to your place, they subconsciously observe and create an image. Although we do not always like guests, we want some of our favorites to come back again.

Corner Rush

Pick a corner, and create an abstract wall art gallery.

Black and white wall art decor your space

Go Mid Century Modern!

Pairs always work.  While considering living room wall decor ideas, how about adding a mid-century flavor?

Geometric wall art decor

Show the Power of You.

Statement art is all about conveying your personality

Girl Power Wall Art For interior Decor 

Go Floral

Floral and Botantical art never goes out of style! A perfect way to bring nature while considering living room wall decor ideas.

Floral Theme Wall Art Posters

Nature’s Magic

Introducing a lot of nature into your decor is all about staying evergreen: – )

Nature-Themed Wall Art Decor For Home 

Gallery Walls are Evergreen

Curate a gallery wall that fits your personality; this remains one of the most common living room wall decor ideas that most of us follow!

Geometric Wall Art For Home

Mix and Match

Mix and match with various objects. Art just fits in! While exploring the living room wall decor ideas, it is good to go a little diverse to bring different decor elements to your space.

Wall Art For Nature Lovers

Just go along

Go cozy – The easiest (but challenging) idea to decorate your living room.

Flow of Life Art Decor For Living Room

Minimal Color Tones

Another living room wall decor idea is to embrace the power of minimalism in home decor – it is all about style and subtleness. 

Face Off Wall art 

Bright and Beautiful

Maximalism isn’t a sin : – )

Floral Contrasts Wall Art For Home Interior

Power of Grayscale

Black and White art always fits in any of those modern spaces

Black and White Themed Wall Art Decor 

Large Art

One of the most common living room decor ideas is to go big!


Make it Personal

It isn’t a bad idea to bring a lit bit of personality!

Abstract wall Art Poster For Home 

There are many ideas to utilize when you think of installing an artwork. Considering that you will always want to flaunt your collection, you can keep them changing. This will also freshen up the drawing-room and catch the onlookers’ eyes.

Apart from these guidelines, many diverse living room wall decor ideas can be replaced by these basic ones. You can also decorate the living room with a potted plant or creepers. At the same time, curtains also act as an important element for your windows. A lot of seating arrangement is executed adjacent to windows to utilize the room’s area.

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