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15 Best Living Room Wall Decor Ideas


The living room is that place in the home that usually houses the majority of the decoration in the home. This is true since it serves the purpose of a  reception in the home, and the first contact that outsiders will have with the home. But this is not a license for packing the living room full of wall art designs. Our curator has compiled 15 best living room wall decor ideas for your inspiration.

Corner Rush

Pick a corner, and create an abstract wall art gallery.

Living Room Wall Decor Ideas

Abstract Wall Art Gallery Wall

Go Mid Century Modern!

Pairs always work.  While considering to decor your living room, how about adding a mid-century flavor?

Astrid Valley Mid Century Wall Art

Astrid Valley Mid Century Wall Art

Show the Power of You.

Statement art is all about conveying your personality

Girl Power Gallery Wall Set

Girl power gallery wall art set

Go Floral

Floral and Botantical art never goes out of style!

Pink palm pair art set

Pink palm pair art set

Nature’s Magic

Introducing a lot of nature into your decor is all about staying evergreen : – )

Gallery Walls are Evergreen

Curate a gallery wall that fits your personality and this remains one of the most common living room wall decor ideas that most of us follow!


Mix and Match

Mix and match with various objects. Art just fits in!

Just go along

Go cozy – The easiest (but difficult) idea to decor your living room.

Minimal Color Tones

The power of minimalism in home decor is all about style and subtleness. 

Bright and Beautiful

Maximalism isn’t a sin : – )

Power of Grayscale

Black and White art always fits in any of those modern spaces

Large Art

One of the most commonly seen living room decor idea is to Go big! 


Make it Personal

It isn’t a bad idea to bring a lit bit of personality!

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