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The Beginner’s Guide to Decorating Living Room

Do you want to learn the basic norms about how to decorate your living room? Are you confused about the kind, size, and nature of your drawing room? Well, this article discusses a few key points to just resolve this impending query.

When it comes to the living room, it is like the face of your entire apartment. You got to keep it charming, attractive and prominent. You got to keep it tidy, organized and in order. This is because when you have guests coming to your place they subconsciously observe and create an image. Although we do not like guests all the time, we definitely want some of our favorites to come back again.

Even if you have a low budget, these guidelines make sure that you can décor your living room within the limitations. You can always experiment with trials to attain that final look you want. After all, the living room is the most comfortable space in your house.

Here are eight basic guidelines, for decorating living rooms, which offer you accurate ideas and probable solutions to your queries. Read on.

Seating arrangement

When it comes to the living room, you should be clear about the intentions, and reason about why and how to decorate your living room. You cannot just randomly pick one sofa, a chair, a recliner maybe, a bean bag and put it in one corner of the room. Depending on the size and the form of the living room you can intellectually devise a plan to compose in order to provide a proper and spacious movement area.

Also, the upholstery you choose should match well with the color of your walls. This will enhance the harmony and the sense of aesthetics of your living room. Also, you can add up cushions and bolsters to keep the levels of comfort and coziness at a higher degree.

Paint color

Choose a warmer shade for your living room. The living room is a space for not only family members but also outsiders and another extended family as well as relatives. Selecting warmer shades like beige or peach could just be soothing to one and all. Also, the shade is chosen irrespective of personal choices. You can always add a brighter tone if there are niches or sperate section like a balcony or a gallery.

Besides, the color rendered on the walls, or for that matter in furnishing and other accessories, forms dominant aspects of the interior design and home décor. Pre-select a palette and use them in an accurate proportion to deliver the drawing-room with significant warmth and brightness.

TV units

Although TV units today, depending on the spaces, are not required. Spacious living rooms ought to have an excellent TV unit. Inspite of being an outdated concept it continues to sustain in some patterns owing to the dual function it serves to any particular space. Also, if your budget does not allow a separate home theatre room, TV units help us in organizing the tidbit accessories. In short, they act as storage.

Moreover, TV units can be designed according to the area of the living room. You can make a minimal design or can make a flamboyantly styled TV unit. Large space can appear compact, in this way. Also, minimal design will enhance the limited décor of a smaller space.

Wall decoration

The large expanses of a wall cannot be empty. This is because they add a sense of incompleteness. This does not imply that you decorate every centimeter of the wall. It means you should give a thought to either put up artwork or add some decorative elements to make it appear charismatic and alive.

There are many ideas available to adorn the wall. It can range from wall texture to tassels, to danglers, to shelves for interesting accessories and books and many more. Moreover, let walls speak about your personality instead of being bland and dull. Decorate then with a meaningful concept. Furthermore, follow your instincts to render your wall with beautiful colors and accessories.


When you think about how to decorate your living room, deliver Lighting with a top priority. Multiple ideas can make lighting elements wonderfully work and act in beautifying the domain. Lighting creates a much-needed ambiance in the room. This makes one feel warm while being in the living room. The correct lighting will do this need.

Also, if you wish to use lighting in the form of decoration, you can choose a number of variants. These include pendant lights or recessed lights. At the same time, you can add a portion of glamour and royalty to your house by installing an amazing chandelier.

Centre Table

Some houses might be unable to manage the Center table, owing to the limitation of the area. However, with appropriate design, you can welcome a Center table as it is always helpful when your friends, relatives or guests come over at your place. You can comfortably serve teas, snacks to them instead of recklessly placing them anywhere on your couches.

To suit the space needs, there are retractable center tables also available in the market. These will respect your space issue and maintain the décor quotient. Instead of the center table, you can also opt for a coffee table.

Area Rugs

Area rugs can easily solve your queries regarding how to decorate your living room. These rugs accentuate as well as uplift the whole quality of your drawing room and for that matter any room of an apartment. But there are few basic guidelines to be followed when you choose and decide to fit the rug.

Make sure you buy the correct shade. At the same time, also be aware of the measure of the rug you purchase. And, note it well, the furniture is always placed on top of the rug. The edge of the rugs should be kept at a distance of a minimum or approximately eight inches from the walls of the room. This is important to avoid any kind of infestation and accumulation of dirt.

Artworks and Photographs

The artwork is key to simply add value and essence to your living room. We have many areas in the living room that can take a few pieces of artwork. Whether it is ceiling or walls, or pillars, or doors, or windows and frames, you can deck up these corners and expanse by pieces of art.

There are a plethora of ideas to utilize when you think of installing an artwork. Considering that you will always want to flaunt your collection, you can also keep them changing. This will also freshen up the drawing-room and will catch the eyes of the onlookers.

Apart from these guidelines, multiple other ideas can be replaced by these basic ones. You can also decorate the living room by a potted plant or creepers. At the same time, curtains also act as an important element for your windows. A lot of seating arrangement is executed adjacent to windows as a way of utilizing the area of the room.

Stop worrying about how to decorate your living room and initiate the ‘act’ of decorating. Forgetting the traditional norms, it is time to give a glamorous and stylized appearance to your living room.

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