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The Beginner’s Guide: Decorating Ideas for Kitchen

how to decor a kitchen

When decorating your kitchen, it’s important to consider not only style and sophistication but also durability, longevity, and personality.

They say the kitchen is the heart of the home, and it couldn’t ring truer.

The kitchen is where life happens, it’s where meals are made to be shared; it’s where your friend congregate around you at a dinner party; it’s where your children sit with you, eat breakfast and have conversations.

This is your space.

Perhaps it’s just you, or it’s for your family of six?

It doesn’t matter what your household is, your kitchen can still have the duality of both style and functionality.

Kitchens were once just for cooking, now they’re for a living.

Read on for our top tips on how to decorate your kitchen space.

1. Colors To Achieve Your Desired Look and Feel

Firstly, it’s important to plan. A mood board, physical or virtual, can help you establish your color palette and overall theme before buying materials, paints and wallpapers, kitchen fittings, and materials.

The good idea is to have a coordinated scheme with two to three shades.

Tea Minimal Kitchen Art

Wall Art for tea lovers

For example, natural-hued colors like beige, ivory, and camel can contribute to a warm look and complement rustic wooden benchtops, whereas deep greens or burgundies can accentuate darker cabinets and flooring for a more opulent look.

Remember that your cabinets are often the focal point of the kitchen and can dictate the rest of the color scheme. Make sure you choose your colors with both style and long-term care in mind.

2. Materials and Textures

When decorating your kitchen, it’s important to think not only about colors but materials and textures too.

Key areas are kitchen benches, backsplash, walls, and flooring.

KItchen Wall Art Print

Add a slice of creativity with this citrus poster in your kitchen.

This is the fun part of decorating your kitchen.

In the past, materials like black granite have often been a universal choice for kitchen benches, however light hues have been taking center stage these days. Quartz and stone as bench materials are durable and resistant to heat while providing a contemporary and clean look.

Remember to choose stain-resistant materials and always refer to your color palette.

Always choose textures and materials that you like too – you’re the one who will be spending time in the space, after all.

3. How To Decorate Your Kitchen: Light It Up

Lighting helps to set the tone but think of duality too in how you decorate your kitchen; even if the mood feels right, you still need to be able to see what it is you are cooking and eating!

Layering your light sources vertically and horizontally can help achieve ambiance and sufficient lighting over kitchen benches and cooking hobs, for example.

cuddles in the kitchen room decor

Think about floor lamps or wall sconces and then perhaps a stronger light in a decorative lampshade overhead for reading recipes or preparing food.

Decorative low lights or lanterns over your breakfast island can also add a layer of visual ambiance to your kitchen space.

4. Storage Space In A Kitchen Is So Important

Firstly, maximize your space by consolidating your utensils – all of them! – and toss out what you don’t need. This may feel harsh, but we’re all guilty of a junk drawer in our kitchen, and nothing feels better than a reorganization when you’re decorating your kitchen.

For smaller, more compact kitchens, installing a slide-out prep station is a clever solution if you lack bench space.

You can also use the space underneath to hide those pesky garbage bins from sight.

The ultimate salad wall art for your kitchen

The ultimate salad wall art for your kitchen

Remember to utilize both under-counter and overhead space too.

Adding drawers to your cabinets eliminates clutter in your cupboards. Using baskets with wheels to easily access and easily hide baskets with pots and pans, for example, is a top tip.

Remember to label and organize anything from cutlery to table linens, so you know exactly where everything is when you need it.

5. Planning and layout to Decorate Your Kitchen

This aspect is one of the most important elements to consider when building and decorating your dream kitchen, deciding on a layout that works for you with proper planning.

Remember that no amount of decorating or accessorizing you do will compensate for a bad layout and zero functionality.

this kitchen is for dancing room decor

This kitchen is for dancing wall art.

Depending on the size and shape of your space, you can have either an L-shaped, U-shaped, or island kitchen. L-shaped kitchens are usually suitable for smaller spaces and help make the most of corner space, for example, whereas the U-shaped kitchen is generally for larger spaces with counters and workspaces on three walls.

If you are planning to redesign the layout of your kitchen, speak to an expert first so you know what your options are, this will allow you to explain what it is that you want to do.

6. Get Stylish And Creative With Kitchen Accessories

Whatever your dream kitchen looks like — rustic farmhouse, sleek and contemporary, or preppy traditional — you can achieve the perfect look and feel when you decorate your kitchen with the right accessories.

This look can often be achieved without pulling your kitchen apart too! If you’re going for ‘Rustic Farmhouse,’ for example, install an overhead pot rack – this not only frees up valuable kitchen and cabinet bench space but can work as a focal point for the whole space – let that stunning new pot and pan set do all the talking!

Butterfly wall art collection

Butterfly wall art collection

If you’re looking for something a little more contemporary, create a coffee bar around your espresso machine. Install small hooks to hang your clean white espresso cups invest in a matching coffee dispenser too – who needs a barista?

Whatever your overall theme is, accessorizing can completely overhaul any drab kitchen space – the devil is always in the detail!

7. Choose Fabulous Fittings To Decorate Your Kitchen

With a wide variety of hardware options available today, you can maximize the utilization of space like corner swivel units, tall units, and even deep cabinets that hold bulky utensils and appliances.

Corner units are king in the duality of space and style; use chic racks for your spices and root vegetables which look great when pulled out but can be easily hidden again.

kitchen scale artwork

How about adding a kitchen conversion guide?

Sink taps, doorknobs, and drawer handles may seem like small things, but they are essential in creating whatever look and feel you want when decorating your kitchen.

The right handle selection and positioning can transform the look of your kitchen units, giving them a contemporary feel.

Changing the handles on your drawers and units gives any older space an instant upgrade. An important thing to remember is those kitchen drawers, and cupboards have to withstand everyday use, so think about practicality when choosing fittings too, as well as style.

8. Add Your Personality Using Art

Like anywhere in your home, the kitchen should reflect your and your family’s personality. This is more than just the cabinets and colors you choose.

This means anything from your cookware to matching ceramic teacups to quirky bookends you found in a vintage shop for your cookbook shelf. Injecting your personality into the space is important; remember that besides your bedroom, you probably spend most of your time here.

One of the best ways to add your personal touch is to introduce awesome kitchen wall art in your space.

Dinner party guests have stopped congregating in dining rooms now, too – as we said before, the living happens in the heart of the house, the kitchen!

How you decorate your kitchen depends on your style and vision, so remember to collate all the things you love first using your mood board and get inspired!


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