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A Decorator Guide to Bohemian Wall Decor

boho wall art guide

Boho wall art decoration is perfect for those people who intend to make sure that their houses look extremely lively, portray the culture, and filled up with intriguing pieces or items for everyone to witness and praise.

This particular aesthetic abstains from the responsibilities of modern-day sensibilities. And, it fully accepts as well as embraces the relaxed, chilled-out, harmlessly careless, and distinctive sort of unusual.

Although rooms following the Boho style have some standard features when compared to each other, all individual rooms are never completely similar.

The aspects of the Boho style have taken inspiration from individuals who choose and accept to lead a different or unconventional life. Usually, the people who follow this style include travelers who are always on the move, actors, as well as writers.

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The Boho style is based on the mirroring of the combination of objects, colors as well as patterns from the various regions and areas located all around the globe. If you are on the lookout for a particular style that can be customized as per your likes and dislikes, then Bohemian style may be the perfect one for you.

Bohemian Colors

Although there aren’t any specific rules when we talk about the Boho decorating style, earthy colors with a warm tone are very common, including metallic colors in addition to jewel tones.

When it comes to the base colors, you would want to opt for shades such as dark browns, deep greens, and grays.

For accessorizing, purple in a saturated shade, fiery orange shade, and the electric blue color are perfect. A combination, in addition to layering, is the secret that makes the Bohemian style unique.

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You can also mix different textures with patterns. Also, do not hesitate to use styles that do not usually work well together conventionally. You should use dyed textiles or unique patterns used all around the globe such as the Ikat that is used famously in Cambodia.

Similarly, you can also opt for Suzani, which is commonly used in parts of Central Asia. It gives your space an additional layer of spunk and exoticism. You can also layer-up the furniture items present and then hang tapestries as well as rugs on walls beside the Boho wall art.

If you think all of it is not worth it, remember that making the Bohemian style a success requires the usage of saturated colors. It would help if you also used the color white tactically to add to the overall visual space.

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Decorative Materials

Since Boho wall art the complete opposite of minimalistic, new-aged, as well as a sleek style, the Bohemian style takes into account the philosophy of maximalism.

The primary way to use decoration items in a room following the Boho style is mixing and matching.

Natural materials, i.e., burlap as well as sisal, can be mixed with fabrics of silk or chenille. For the appearances to work, the materials should feature a kind of ‘used’ look – not tampered, but sparkling. Items such as fringe or crochet abound pillows or curtains, etc. successfully make a cozy-looking global-themed hangout spot. Signature embellishments of the Bohemian style include canopies over beds as well as living spaces.

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Bohemian Furniture: Feature of Boho wall art

You cannot merely get hold of Bohemian furniture at some store. Rooms based on the Boho style usually are filled up with furniture items collected over the years. This is the reason why used items or vintage ones belong in such a space.

Every item present in the room should be something special and have a story to tell. While foraging for vintage items in local shops, have fun and opt for items individually. If you love what you see, that item will be the perfect fit for you.

You, as well as your guests, will experience the Bohemian style vibe with all those plush-looking chairs and couches wrapped in saturated shades. To add a more welcoming floor-seating atmosphere, you can use throw rugs or floor-suited pillows.

A Boho-styled room does not portray the ‘sit and stay awhile’ vibe, and therefore, furniture items sporting the straight-backed design will not go well with style. Opt for comfy, relaxing furniture items such as daybeds, butterfly-styled beds.

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Lighting and Accessories

Ambient and lively lighting settings will facilitate in uniting your Bohemian-styled space and act as a finishing touch to the calming and welcome feel.

Instead of going for overhead lighting devices, choose items such as several lanterns, candles of different sorts, table lamps, floor lamps, etc.

It is very convenient to get hold of different variety of lights sporting unique and appealing designs and styles. It is accurate for a mixed-and-matched-up look.

The main element that adds character to the Boho wall art style is accepting the natural aspects of the world.

Therefore, brighten up your space by bringing in hanging plants, ferns, shrubs, etc. They succeed in making the room more vibrant in addition to improving the quality of air present inside. Therefore, the more plants there are, the more vivid your space will become.

Flowers such as lilies, philodendron can withstand extreme levels of light as well as temperature, and therefore, they are suitable options. You can also consider having succulents, which can be availed in several types of shades as well as textures. The mentioned appealing-to-the-eyes flowers require a bit of sunlight and periodic watering.

Boho Wall Art Conclusion

In the end, make your Boho-styled space come together by including vintage family heirlooms, handcrafted objects, and items from your travel spots.

Accessories and objects are what narrate the story, and therefore, you should feature what you love – bottles, vintage showpieces, maps of different places, or even china sets featuring mismatched patterns.

Always remember that even though Boho-style may tend to be eclectic, the style can still become chic as well as glamorous. Thus, try out everything freely, ranging from chandeliers to funky-looking mirrors. The only rule that you should keep in mind is that every accessory, object, and item should narrate a story.


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