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Meaning Of Blue Color in Home Decor and Interior Design

The meaning of blue color is vivid and clear to one and all. The term “blue skies” is so common that the color blue is generally associated with sky and water, more than anything else. It is about vastness and openness that every living being enjoys and yearns for.

While in school we always had fun scribbling blue crayons above mountains in our favorite scenery drawings. This would repeat in every grade. However, as times changed and as we realized that the sky did change colors, we rightly understood the color’s usage in other things. Moreover, Blue has also been traditionally used to paint the walls. With changing ideologies and sense to portray the interiors with innovation, the context of the color has accommodated accordingly.

Let us discuss a few ways and the meaning associated with the color blue in interior design and home décor.

Shades and Meaning of Blue Colour

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Blue is a primary color. Multiple shades of blue comprise Poster or Cobalt Blue, Ultramarine Blue, Sky Blue, Light Blue, Turquoise blue, Prussian blue, and many others that a paint-chart would thoroughly describe. Being a primary color, it mixes with the other two primary colors of Red and Yellow to create ranges of orange and green, respectively.

Blue has also been generally associated with boys’ rooms. But the trend has eventually altered its course to meet contemporary norms of interior designs and decors. With varying shades projecting a variety of meanings, blue often is easy to pair with multiple other shades when we think of interiors of homes or any official spaces. Colors are very important in interior design to evoke the right kind of moods. And Blue is easier in decking up the myriad of spaces.

Blue evokes a reinvigorated feeling apart from naturalness. Blue is a color associated with the sky, develops a natural earthy attribute when matched with green. One can develop an amazing space breathing life using Blue color.

 Ways To Infuse Blue In Your Homes

Colors play a very significant role in elevating the etheric quality of any space. So, it is essential to sort the range of tones before embarking on the journey of home décor and interior design. The color that you pick is also a denotation of your personality. Although we subconsciously decide the ones that exactly match, a little play of intellect will keep us at the bay from overdoing it.

Blue is a cool color, according to the color wheel. Thus, orange and yellow are technically complementary colors. A complementary color scheme plays a mysterious and interesting role to develop a thrilling drama of these two contrasting shades. Either you balance them out in their varying gradual tones through a play of designs and motifs of drapery, rugs, and accessories.

Imagining it at the extreme, the pair can also be heinous and hurtful to the eyes. Therefore, maintaining the correct balance of scale and proportion is a must.

Varying Schemes

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If you really like this complementary scheme you can use a variation of yellow or orange color in your home decor. Buttery yellow, ochre yellow, or chrome yellow would assuredly justify the space’s harmonious décor. Bring in a bit of sheen of golden yellow and it will feel royal like that of a palace. With a cobalt blue frame of a window and chrome yellow curtains that are bordered with golden yellow glitter, the room will sparkle like heaven. In this set up you can also bring in a light orange couch aligning with a buttery yellow wall. Let the wall be adorned by painting in bright ultramarine blue with a stroke of vermillion-orangish shade.

Blue is rarely used in kitchen spaces except if you render it with a meaningful concept. The color can be utilized in the kitchen with brighter gradations like Prussian or turquoise ones. Moreover, Blue is a very formal, lenient, and decent color and does not help the virtues of activity conducted in kitchens. Thus, it is largely used to garner reception desks and formal infrastructure.

Monochromatic play of Blue color

Blue varies by adding black and white. If you add black in cobalt blue it transforms to navy blue. At the same time, it will become sky blue if added with white. In between, there are myriad blues that can develop an excellent dialogue of artistic features. The shades like Indigo, Prussian, and ultramarine are energetic and flamboyant. They can be balanced by the beatific intensity of light blue and sky blue.

The rhythmic composition, using darker couches, light blue curtain indigo rug, and white flowers, is exceptionally terrific and beautiful.

Blue for Bedrooms and Bathrooms

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As mentioned earlier Blue is traditionally done for boys’ bedrooms, Blue still persists to the same but for adults, too. Blue is a soothing color and can do a great task for bedrooms. Instead of keeping it bland white, letting light blue to cobalt blue sneak through objects, like cabinets, mirrors, and lampshades, is a brilliant idea. At the same time, rather than using some brighter blues, you can sustain the light tonalities. Believe me, it will look heavenly and wonderful.

Blue is also seen to be frequently used in the décor of Bathrooms. Bathrooms are corners of the house that although smaller in size, it needs to make one feel comfortable and less cramped. The light blues can be conglomerated with a few ranges of purple to add much-needed extravagance to bathrooms and washrooms.

Impact Of Blue In Home Décor

Blue is said to have brought peace and tranquility to the spaces. The monochromatic shades of blue assist in developing relaxation and soothing nerves. Moreover, the color provides a natural attribute to the houses. This, thereby, succeeds in maintaining freshness and resolving unwanted conflicts.

Light blue by helping to soothe the nerves improves working capability and productivity. It brings pleasure to the family members. Let the meaning of blue color dissolve in your homes and intensify the positive emotions.


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