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Meaning Of Green Color in Home Decor and Interior Design

meaning of green color

The best meaning of green color is fertility. The greenery that surrounds us is the representation of germination. The brown of the earth nurtures the seed to sprout a sapling that is mostly green and tender. Green has been a favorite color of many. The color epitomizes freshness. At the same time, green is found everywhere in nature.

Green also means admittance and acceptance. That is why the green signal says us to move forward. Green is the color of eternity. There are multiple meanings to the green color. Incorporating green in our homes is the best idea to sustain aliveness. Green has been successfully used in decorating residences in the past. Traditionally, a lighter ton of green was used to paint the walls.

Let us discuss a few ways we can use successfully use Green for the Home décor and Interior Design.

Shades and Meaning of Green Colour

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Green is a secondary color produced from mixing Blue and Yellow primary colors. It retains the freshness of blue and vividity and energy of yellow. Green is available in multiple shades. These include leaf green, sea green, viridian green, bottle, and dark green. Some shades tilt towards the bluish-green to yellowish-green, according to the proportion of the mixture. By the theory of the Color wheel, Green belongs to a cooler color scheme.

Green has been always associated with life, vivacity, growth, hope, youth, and nature. Furthermore, it is about being young and bright. Green grasses, green meadows, green leaves, and greener life philosophize the will to live and the positivity of living. Besides, Green also reflects negatives aspects like jealousy and greed. The combination of both qualities shows the positive and negative features that define Green. While they serve you with good it can turn out to be heinous if not used in the right way.

A few shades of green are not suggested to be a part of interior decoration but there is always a way to infuse any color irrespective of their meanings.

Ways To Infuse Green In Your Homes

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Matching Green with Blue is the best idea to deliver a natural look. A beautiful light blue curtain with an abstract weaving of light green on a wall painted in yellowish-green. The Ultramarine blue couches with leaf green cushions and bolsters can act as a golden point. The light blue walls with a few abstract strokes of dark green in the corner will add a dramatic quality to the whole décor. Although you might want to add a bit of glamour, use self-sheen fabric to meet the purpose.

Green is a prominent natural color along with the match of Blue. If you love to be overwhelmed by the presence of natural surroundings, you can do it! Let your room feel like you are under vast blue skies and with the freshness of greenery and vivid breeze all around you. How to acquire this ambiance? We have got it for you.

Paint your wall with leaf green and add silhouette shapes of leaves and twigs. You can do it by the methodology of Graffiti. Use some paper cutouts, stick it on the wall, and spray the colors. Let the ceiling be rendered in sky blue, painted with the forms of white clouds. The whole drama could be lit up by a few radium stickers of stars and moon. So, when you turn off the lights during the night, the ceiling will appear like a night sky. Although this might not feel mature, you can choose to skip it, too. But I guess, irrespective of ages, everyone admires the radium stickers.

Sultry Green For Bedrooms

The lighter shades of green tend to be favorites of many but it is trickier to use darker shades of green. Because Green is a color of life, green can be used in bedrooms to enhance the coziness. And Bedrooms need to ensure the degree of coziness.

Using the monochromes of lighter green is a clever idea to develop a comfortable and tender appearance. See to it that you do give a depth wherever feasible. Otherwise, there are higher chances that it may appear floaty and meaningless. The depth can be provided by selecting a rug of darker or viridian green. If you do not like allotting so much space to darker shade then you can opt for darker green accessories like lampshades or handicrafts, or anything smaller in size. These darker objects will be like lending a final touch to your heavenly décor.

The nice yellowish green bed with beautiful motifs in yellow and blue, lighter blue ceiling and bright green windows enhanced by the golden brocade sea-green curtain and accessorizing the room with danglers of complementary colors like green or pink. This idea can be accommodated for all sizes of rooms. The only thing to be taken care of is the scale, proportion, and balance. These factors can only help you achieve rhythmic drama in your homes.

Impact Of Green In Home Décor

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Colors have an amazing ability to enhance their surroundings. At the same time, the meanings of the colors also change with the relative surroundings. Green falls into the same category. It can be negative as well as be positive too. The color green is said to have a calmer effect on the surroundings. It instills the relaxed mode. By keeping plants in your rooms, not only the plant’s ring in freshness but also the colors of the leaves have a positive impact on the family members.

Green, as mentioned before, is a favorite of many. Thus, it is also preferred more over other colors when it comes to decorating a house. Interior designers selectively pick green to sustain the aspects of naturalness and passion.


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