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Meaning Of Orange Color in Home Decor and Interior Design

meaning of orange color

You are seated on the beach, chilling with your partner during the dusk. It is a time of sunset. The sky is lit with complimentary hues of violet, purple, orange and yellow in a vast lighter pale blue sky. The scene is mesmerizing! The streaks of orange are melodramatic. One feels the very tinge of the meaning of orange color. Sunsets are indeed breathtaking!

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Orange is sometimes felt to be an unfit colour for many occasions, owing to its vividness and inherent brightness. However, orange is a favourite of many, too.

The shade is observed to be less incorporated in the elements of home décor. But the trials ad tribulation have proved orange to be inducing warmth and peace in the vicinity.

Orange brings in the passion while maintaining a balanced degree of stability. It is the orange that represents patriotism and rebellious mood.

Colours have walked the paths of a myriad of meanings according to the various cultural pretext. But interior decoration is more about a subtle understanding of visual aesthetics.

Let us explore these visual dramas that orange could play in our residence to transform them as a piece of art and beauty.

Shades And Meaning Of Orange Color

Orange is a secondary colour, made by a mixture of red and yellow, two primary shades. Yellow and red represent vigour and optimism, respectively. The combination of two, producing orange is s a sheer representation of vigorous and optimistic features.

This colour comes in varied gradual shades like peach, Apricot, Papaya and more luminous shades comprise saffron, vermillion, coral, carrot orange and many more.

Orange, as mentioned above, combines the enthusiasm of red colour with the warmth of yellow to bring for people a set of sentimental values.

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Saffron, a shade of orange, is a hotter shade. It symbolizes happiness, creativity, determination and stimulation.

Lighter orange or peach-orange is a soothing shade and lets you lose yourself. The meaning of orange colour could vary but in terms of a visual, it indeed appeals more than its contextual rendering.

While it makes the space warmer and tender when composed with yellows, it also fills the space with lust and romance art when red replaces yellow. Orange is flexible to merge and amalgamate with any shades to alter the concepts of an interior.

Ways To Infuse Orange In Your Homes

Infusing orange might feel like an exceptional deal, but it is not, believe me! Orange is a brilliant tone but could be subdued either by adding a little amount of white or yellow.

If you wish to have a warmer effect then adding yellow is the right choice.

Whereas if you require to keep it chic and classic yet fresh and lively, add a little white.

Adding white to orange contributes a range of peach shades. Peach has been a common shade to paint the walls over the century. So you might as well utilize the tone with an innovative manner rather than giving it a traditional look. Know how to decorate the walls through our wall hanging guide.

Orange, white and yellow, especially chrome, are like best brothers! This analogous combination should be preferred more than aligning the orange with darker hues.

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The meaning of orange colour enhances when yellow is wonderfully paired. Let the wall be in chrome yellow, suited with a white canvas painted in a minimalistic technique while letting the upholstery be in yellow.

You can stylize by adding rhythmic abstract forms as a design to the cushion or wall. Other accessories like lampshades, vases, clocks, danglers could be in any other gradual shades of the same tones.

To add depth to this rendering, a wine-red carpet or maybe Mahogany or Kwila wood furniture would do the best.

Letting the abstract methodology play, bright orange could be splashed on the backdrop walls with the cabinets being in peach. Organized rendering is significant, howsoever manner you play or create a scene from the hues you prefer.

Decorate your Kitchen space

A few of the colours treat kitchen so expertly that the cook of the house will always be active and happy to be in the kitchen space. Orange is one of them.

Keep the cabinets orange, a sheen and lustre of the laminates will inherently do the charm-work. You can also use pre-designed laminates in the shade of orange and chrome yellow. Composing with the red chimney chamber or maybe red drapery of curtains or windows will be an amazing idea.


In the kitchen, you could also use the cutlery as a way to improve the interior design. Either the cutlery could be white or silver.

If it is white, prefer the one that has orange motifs to keep the synchronous attribute intact.

An analogous scheme in the kitchen will produce a rhythmic dance, a lovely way to animate the room.

Deck-up the Toddlers room

Although pink or blue according to the gender of the kid, rules this space, orange can be technically used for both of them.

Orange being affectionate, could be tender and spark up the room with effective lampshades. Linen in peach and walls in yellowish-orange while painting a wall with the map of the world, will let the toddler have interesting hours.

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Moreover, the ceiling could be rendered with colourful forms and radium stickers to attract the kid. It is observed focusing on the radium stickers at night could help in relaxing the mind thereby inducing sleep.

Impact Of Orange In Your House

As mentioned in other blogs, anything overdone would not be appreciated and is cringed upon. Orange, when extremely bright and covering a larger space could be cumbersome to the eyes. At the same time, if you do not balance the proportion of the shades, it turns gaudy and might mislead your identity.

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Moreover, a higher degree of dazzling shades will create a cacophonous communication. This desperately needs to be avoided.

Communication through colour is always loud, vivid and honest. Nothing could be kept hidden to the eyes. So you might as well, wisely decide the shades rather than just being oblivious.

Fresh orange with ultramarine or Prussian blue or fluorescent violet or for that matter pitch black cannot be used in equal proportions. More than cancelling out they ruin the sagacious plan of the house.

The positive aspects of orange are that they make the rooms look capacious and more influential. They reflect the natural light thereby lifting the whole house. Exposure of sunlight in the house keeps the pests and other bacterial growth at bay.

The meaning of orange color is infused with happiness, energy and creativity. It is always referred with evoking the feeling of romance and lust.

Using the same to decorate the bedroom will assuredly recreate the spark between the couple.


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