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Meaning of Pink Colour in Home Decor and Interior Design

meaning of pink color

When you imagine pink with a pre-conditioned mind, the only thing the meaning of pink color denotes is a feminine aspect. But that is not the case anymore!

Today with interests invested in liberal approach, one ponders over the aesthetics and remarkable compositions to decorate the house or an office.

Pink is a whole package of love. It is devoid of malignancy. Pink has been one of the most used colors in interior design and home décor. Why you need art in your home?

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While modern interiors handle pink with a flamboyance, the dexterity of the colour paves in the hearts of the residents. Pink is generally thought of as lighter shades. The brighter ones project meanings that are in tandem with red.

Pink is a colour of passions, courage, liveliness and aggression.

Let us delve into the ideas that will help us in planning as well as executing this beautiful shade of pink in our prestigious dwellings.

Shades and Meaning of Pink Colour

Pink is a subset of Red. A varied range of pink is produced by mixing white and diverse red.

You prepare baby pink with greater white and less red while a bright pink is obtained by mixing more red and very less white.

Also, the shades of peach are categorized as pink owing to their parent colors. Check out our wall art inspiration ideas 

Different types of pinks include orchid pink, wine pink, baby pink, dark pink, magenta, neon or fluorescent pink, hot pink, and many more.

There is a very thin line of differentiation between pink and purple. And the combination of the same is extremely mesmerizing.

The meaning of Pink colour undoubtedly pitches a symbol of love and affection. Not only it is an ode to friendship but also a sustainable relationship with much warmth and caring. Different hues project a myriad of meanings.

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Pinks denote unmeasured joy and gratitude while the same shade in a deeper tone could also be projecting jealousy and hostility.

However, keeping the negativity at bay, residences deliver purpose to one’s life. At the same time, they are true projectors of the personalities and the internal exchange of a particular family.

Pink is a color that can be attributed to any part of the house.

Whether it is a bathroom, an alley, kitchen, drawing room, bedroom, kids’ room or maybe a teenagers’ room, the color never runs out of the range.

Not only spaces but the color also synchronizes and mediates with other shades. The meanings eventually form and lead towards a positive outlook. Pink is indeed a subtle color to select for your home décor.

Let us embark on this path to learn the ways to imbue the color pink through the ideas of home décor and interior design.

Ways To Infuse Pink In Your Homes

Although as mentioned earlier, Pink possesses the capability to adorn and decorate any form of interior space. By the warmth baby pink generates in the room it is more suited for the spaces related to children. Being sober and mild, it helps in lowering the excitement of the kids.

Generally, walls are painted in light pink and it has been followed from ancient times.

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However, keeping in the mind the scientific evaluation of color, brighter shades have replaced the common ones, creating an enigmatic aura and ambiance in the residences.

A little brighter pink expanse of wall with pillars left white or low-key pink and a yellow painted canvas placed off-center, more towards the ceiling is an innovative idea for a drawing-room. It represents a bold character and a flamboyant attitude.

On the same lines, letting the walls be bright pink with flat toned white couches, center tables, chairs, and a wine-red carpet, all glimmered by pink periwinkles as a design on the white cushion. The lampshade in orange will serve as icing on the cake.

These flat-tone elements are a sheer reflection of royalty and luxury. Besides posing sunflowers under the window will add to the charisma of the space.

Spark up your Kitchen Space

Although the kitchen is treated more often with white, adding pinkness benefits in energizing the toiled bodies. Constructing furnishings like chimney covers and cabinet doors in bright pink with off-white and raw sienna designs, adding a tinge of blues and green will unarguably spark this section.

At the same time, gold hue undertones in the curtain rails or the rims of the furniture will be a whole new way to add the extravagant feature to the rooms.

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Red and pink tend to effectively communicate with greys. Adding stripes of grey in an unconventional method is a new trend in contemporary interior décor. Charm it up with silver dining cutlery or silver door rims and knobs, it will be chic as well as sentimental!

Let Bathrooms be Aesthetic

While we think about our drawing and bedroom, bathrooms also play a vital role in everyone’s lives. The washrooms deliver us the important breaks from an official to domestic meetings.

They are breath-givers from the stress built during an exchange or maybe work.

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These spaces have to be decorated in a way that induces relaxation and makes us feel alive again. Placing a painting that carries a motif or a portrait in dull brown and pinks on a soothing wall of flowery or geometric or abstract walls in yellow and fuschia pink could enhance the mood. A perfect lamp shade also adds to this drama.

Contrasting shades also create an amiable drama in the interiors. Greens and blues composed of pinks and red in the right proportion bring up an appeal to modern interior designs. Experimenting supports transforming the meaning of pink color in innovative ways!

Impact Of Pink In Home Décor

Just like red, Pink when overdone could affect the sight, stability and bring restlessness as well as irritation in the dwellers.

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Being aggressive when deeper in tone, it can bring down our concentration levels and focus.

Generally, we don’t wish to stare at brighter colors for a longer duration. It is, therefore, advised to wisely choose the section to be painted. Nevertheless, the negative impacts of pink are lesser than the positive facets.

Pink is said to have elevated the mood of the children as well as adults. It can soothe the nerves of the elderly, which is utmostly required for them.

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Undertones of magenta, reddish pink, and purple could induce positive energy and enhance rejuvenating impact. This in a way, increases our will to sustain the work and daily routine.

Furthermore, lighter and warmer tones make the apartments appear spacious and roomy. This considerably lightens the ambiance of the interior. Deliver a chic French style of halls by clubbing softwood furnishing of small white drawers and pink cabinets.


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