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Meaning Of Purple Color in Home Decor and Interior Design


Amongst many colors, the meaning of purple color does not follow a conventional stream. To explain it in a metaphorical way, the way the sky covers itself in a lavender tone during dusk, it is mesmerizing!

The evening atmosphere is about wrapping up your work and getting back home to rest. After the entire day’s work, one wants to relax and unwind. The heat of the day is balanced by the coolness of the dusk.

Elements of nature and optimism

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The color purple appropriately describes the same coolness we are discussing right now. Infusing the range of gradation of the purple color in the home décor will transform into an extraordinary personality of the room.

There are multiple ways one can use purple and its shades to accentuate any kind of space. Yes, purple carries the capability of decking up any nature of space. This is because the gradual shades comprise of mauve, lilac, lavender, violet, and many more that tilt towards pink, red, and blue. Even the brightest shade of the purple is comfortable, soothing and soft.

Elements of nature, travel and happiness

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Let’s check out a few ways to let purple rule our home décor and interior design.

Shades And Meaning Of Purple Colour

Purple is a secondary color obtained by mixing primary colours viz. Blue and Red. Purple and Violet are not the same shades, there is a difference in their mixtures.

Purple might bend little towards pink while Violet a little towards blue. The difference in appearance although projects varied meanings, they appear to be monochromatic and thus deliver a rhythmic attribute when composed together.

Purple subconsciously denotes meanings of royalty, luxury and eliteness.

The shade is hardly used in normal houses to paint their walls. This is because it does require a special treatment of concept rather than obliviously utilizing it.

There is a breathtaking royalness associated with the color purple.

Although it makes a fabulous girl’s room it can create an interesting character in boys’ spaces, too.

Ways To Infuse Purple In Your Homes

Although purple is an easy colour it can act weird if combined with brighter or darker shades of green. The bickering combination could affect the balance, peace and harmony of the interiors space. The eyes will twitch and will eventually affect the personal harmony of a family or friends. It is thus advised to use the color with a selective range of shades.

Purple in monochromatic hues is the best idea to décor your home.

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Puttin up floor tiles in a darker shade of purple placed with lavender couches initiates amicable dialogue. This communication brightens when you add bright violet cushions while adorning the centre table with purple asters or any flowers.

Adding a rhythmic dance to this whole space, let the curtains have a purple texture with white hiding and seeking through them. The room will reverberate with unlimited zeal throughout time.

Purple and pink are like deep-in-love, husband and wife. The husbandly quality of purple will enhance the feminine pink. They both can make the space look extremely sweet and beautiful.

This pair might not be appreciated by everyone who wishes to develop a stern and tougher appearance. This is because it develops a subtle, softer and sugary attribute to space.

This charming pair assuredly is the right choice for the kids’ room. Adding toys and other kids’ accessories will not harm the composition.

Purpose and ambition

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Long pink curtains with dark purple floral motifs, lavender floor tiles, mauve undertones in borders of windows, lampshades and bouquets will bring a melodramatic quality to the whole space.

While you rack your brains to ideate the space with purple, you can simply use white. White is a universal tone to match with any random color. Let one corner section of your expansive white wall be in dark purple with danglers in lavender. These minimalist home décor ideas will do a quirky job in no time.

Moreover, the complementary tones all add a regality to space.

The grades of yellow matched with Purple attributes an intuitively generous aspect to the rooms. If the wardrobe is buttery yellow, the wall as a background should be purple. Be careful to use correct yellows and correct grades of purple. There are chances that the wrong matches would make it appear silly and timid.

Impact Of Purple In Home Décor

Dark purple because of its intriguing depth brings sadness, irritation and frustration to space. It feels extremely hard and rough. It is, therefore, necessary to use it in a proportionate quantity by not overdoing it. Also, it could brew a lot of friction and ego if matched with improper tone.

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Apart from the mentioned ill-factors, purple is generally a smooth color that is said to have relaxing and peaceful quality. It nurtures the royalness by which the liver of the house feels great and pompous.

You can always allow the meaning of purple color to play its own sultry game to imbue warmly effect.


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