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Meaning Of White Color in Home Decor and Interior Design

If you think about white, what is the first thing that comes to your mind? It is peace, dove and maybe the sky isn’t it?

The meaning of white color brings up the notion of peace, love and harmony. Apart from the stated meanings, looking at a stark white shade one feels to lose the anxiety and restlessness. It helps in calming down our nerves easily.

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White has been incorporated in home décor and interior design by default for ages. The ceiling in the homes is generally painted white while the walls are colored. Bathrooms and kitchens were preferably constructed using white ceramic tiles.

As the trends flourished and became innovative, the motifs were added to the same white ceramic tiles. But today white no longer serves the ad hoc purposes, rather it is one of the integral elements to design the houses in a contemporary manner.

The article focuses on the ways by which white is utilized to decorate the interiors, devoid of traditional ideas.

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Shades And Meaning Of White Color

White is not a color. White is an encompassing stream of light that is embedded with all the shades of nature.

If white light passes through a prism, you will clearly notice the seven beams of spectrum refracting through the surface. The interesting phenomenon proves that white is not a color. However, stating white as a color is just a way to discuss it in a significant way.

Pure white when mixed with a very lesser quantity of any other primary, secondary or tertiary shades, delivers a range of whites like beige, off-white, creamy white, ivory white, vanilla white and many more.

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While discussing the scientific theory, the meaning of white color connotes cleanliness, sanitation, and hygiene. If something is spick and span and white, it is germ-free and trustworthy, ready to be associated.

This color does not let you hide! White represents truth and honesty. Different cultures associate varied shades with multiple meanings. In western culture white is associated with weddings, in India white is worn at a funeral. It is contrasting, but the cultures mend their particular ways.

Ways To Infuse White In Your Homes

Although it may feel as challenging to utilize and compose white in the home décor, it is not that tricky, too. The perception towards white needs to transform like we use any other shades.

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The hotels keep it white to avoid the preferences of the customers. Moreover, white readily soothes all types of visitors irrespective of the class, creed, and culture.

If you love lesser commotion, white is a perfect choice. Keeping the houses white, makes us feel more spacious and roomy. White beds, couches, curtains, floors, cushions, windows, while the furnishing and décor could have tinges of other shades to create an innocent sketch of the color.

Designing it in white, you can also add undertones of glittering shades like copper, gold and silver, maybe a lamp-shade, a hanging accessory, or some trinkets on the windows. The reflecting light from a white wall adds natural beauty to the home.


Maintaining the sobriety, utilising the shades of white for your home’s interior design could illumine the royal attribute of the family. You can paint your wall with beige or ivory white accompanying it with a baby pink or sky blues sofas while a bouquet comprising beautiful sunflowers. The charismatic beauty could be brought upon by playing out the elements with a few trials and tribulations.

Apart from brewing complex ideas to decorate your residence, a simple combination with a primary or a secondary shade could do the glamour easily.

A minimalistic approach by choosing just one color for eg. Red; let the walls are red and you keep the couch and curtains as white or maybe vice versa. Adding it with red roses or tulips on the centre table and a Merbau dining table, deepening the reds of the area.

On the same line, it could be treated with blue or green or purple or any shade from your favourites. Let the miraculous white steal your chaos and play the charm of harmony!

Impact Of White In Home Décor

White reflects purity and at the same time, the meaning of white color also projects aggressive individualism. Besides, it represents sterility, which could be displeasing to many. Not everyone is fond of white!

Although there is no point of being overdone in white, especially in your residence, however, if white is not matched with some other gradual hues, it could become a bit bland.

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Colors communicate with each other and that is how the liveliness germinates in our homes. With the absence of colors, it could induce sadness and dissipation.

Do not hesitate to experiment and begin the journey with pure white in your homes!


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