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The Beginner’s Guide to Decorating Dining Rooms

How to decorate your dining room? They say that the heart of the home is in the kitchen, but the dining room is the hub of the house when it comes to getting together and sharing with family and guests.

This is the place we gather to eat home-cooked food and talk about our day, it´s the space we host friends in for dinner parties, it´s also the place for celebration – birthdays, anniversaries, or toasting that job promotion.

Here are our top wall decor ideas for giving your dining room the revitalization it needs with some freshness. A few modern tips on decorating your dining space and ensuring it’s in tip-top shape for those dinner parties and everyday use.

Colour And Mood-Boarding

Never underestimate what a brush of paint can do! Whether you are looking for a casual and contemporary scheme – think of flower wall art posters as, neutral color palette. Perhaps you prefer something more opulent and want to make a statement with bold color!

Modern Wall Art For Dining Room

Either way, creating a (physical or virtual) mood board really helps you to establish your goals for the room. Also, to fully understand the look and feel you are after.

Mood-boarding means how to arrange pictures on walls, materials, and ideas for your dining room concept. And, decide on a color scheme from there, you´ll no doubt find that you´re drawn to a specific color scheme as you start to plan. Colour is easily achieved with a new paint job or a statement accent wall. The difference is that just one coat of paint can make a room is remarkable!

Art and Pictures

Framed pictures of your family or your holidays and travel are not only a great personal addition to any dining room, but they double up as a conversation starter. Perhaps you have a lovely framed photo of the time you went on safari or a special moment framed from your wedding day? These are beautiful ways to understand how to decorate your dining room.

If you’re an art lover think about investing in artwork to hang in the dining space. Choose something that speaks to you, this is your room after all! Many people choose art to fit in with the theme of their home or individual room subconsciously.

Take a look back at your mood board, and think about what your theme is before purchasing a painting. For example, a more neutral and contemporary dining space would benefit from abstract wall art and posters with a statement color whereas a neoclassical piece of art for example would feel better in a more traditional setting.

Make sure your art and photos are hung at eye level and in a place that receives plenty of light.

How To Decorate Your Dining Room? Lighting Is The Answer

Boho Wall Art Posters For Home

Lighting is important in your dining room as it really helps to set the tone. Mealtimes are not just about sitting down to eat, this is a time for connection, conversation, and creating a warm ambiance. Start to think about the light in your dining space.

The mood is important, a dimmer switch for example can help adjust the light from an overhead lamp or chandelier depending on the time of the day. It´s also important to layer your light sources, both vertically and horizontally.

Think about floor lamps or wall sconces – combining ceiling floor and wall lamps can achieve the perfect lighting. Perhaps an eye-catching light installation could be the art in the room itself!

Use Candles To Set The Mood

There is nothing more inviting than the soft flicker and fresh scent of a softly burning candle in the home. Candles can really transform a room, and no one can argue with that aromatic scent! Don´t be afraid to experiment with different shapes, sizes, and fragrances.

Think back to your theme and the mood you are trying to set. A more luxurious dining space calls for tall church candles and perhaps a more spiced and decadent scent whereas a beach-themed room. It would benefit from larger white three-wick candles and clean ocean scented tealights.

Top tip: Place a small candle in the bathroom when you’re hosting dinner parties. The consistency of scent and ambiance from the dining room to the bathroom when guests use your toilet throughout the night is a chic touch.

Create A Dining Table Centerpiece

Set the tone with the right table centerpiece. There is nothing better than fresh flowers or floral art and posters strategically placed with a candle to elevate your dining table. However, these can be hard to maintain week in, week out.

Get creative and use an artificial plant in a stunning vase for a splash of color.

A smaller dining table, however, might be overwhelmed by a large plant or bunch of flowers. Try styling your smaller table with a statement bowl or a small glass vase with fairy lights inside.

Finally, a classic tray can be used all year round as your table centerpiece. Fill the tray with candles or festive ornaments dependent on the time of year.

Introduce Indoor Plants To Your Dining Space

Use indoor plants to create a natural environment in your dining room. You may just want small succulents strategically placed for that touch of nature.

If you like trailing house plants for a fresh outdoor feel, either way, house plants can produce a calming and serene effect in a dining room. Besides, it really blends with your chosen colors.

Continue your dining room theme with an eye-catching plant pot. Moreover, if you´re blessed with high ceilings, use that space and breathe some lush green into your dining experience with tall plants.

Choose The Perfect Rug For Your Dining Room

Rugs are one of the simplest and most effective ways to style your dining room. Much more than a way to demarcate open-plan living and kitchen areas, the rug can also be the statement piece you´re looking for.

First tip: measure, measure, and measure again! Getting the size right in proximity to your dining room furniture is vital for a well-styled room.

Make sure your rug isn’t too small to be noticed. Also, it isn’t too big that it drowns the overall theme of the room. Don´t be afraid of color, particularly if you´re pairing it with a wooden floor.

Second tip: You can make a bold statement with an abstract pattern or one dimension color. Plus, remember there are more sizes than just rectangular!

How To Decorate Your Dining Room? Statement Pieces 

We have already talked about some styling ideas that can double up as your dining room statement piece. The bold rug, the flower and candle arrangement for the centerpiece or perhaps the accent wall, (think three white walls and one red to add that touch of drama), and the abstract art paintings and posters on the wall.

However, a statement piece can go much further than this.

It´s important, as always, to keep in mind your theme when it comes to your dining room statement piece. A statement decorated mirror, for example, not only elevates the room immediately but creates the illusion of more space – a perfect solution for smaller dining areas. Or look at the fabric of the room instead to make a statement; think carpets, curtains, and cushions.

You can also paint just one wall a different color.

Experiment with wall decor ideas for beautiful patterns and themes or use wallpaper and play with texture and print. All of these ideas will ensure you leave a lasting impression and enjoy the space you have created.


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