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Wall Art Hanging Guide

Until recent days, art has been enclosed in religious spaces, galleries, and museums, but now the world is approaching art in a modern and liberal manner, which allows you to recreate any type of highbrow exhibition in your own interior. The trend is rising by breaking the elitist boundaries and disclosing art, making it accessible for you to use it such as to fulfill your needs. Because art is not decorative, but immersive and functional. Platforms like us provide you the possibility to create an artistic sanctuary in your home, a dynamic stimulating arrangement of artworks for your office space, or whatever virtual atmosphere for you to play with.

Now, if you need to go ahead and do a gallery wall in your space, there are many ways that you could approach this. We’ve put together a guide for you to consider along with an awesome collection of posters, art prints and paintings while bringing more life to your space

A gallery wall can tell many stories

If a picture tells a thousand words, then a wall can tell a million stories. Your wall space is your blank canvas to tell your own unique and fascinating tale. A brand new home can become a deep and meaningful message to visitors simply by choosing the right decorations that tell of who you are and where you have been. Art is the intense mode of individualism. Savour it. Develop it. Create connections and start conversations with bold and personal artworks around your living space.

Use your blank walls wisely, by telling great stories about you!

Your walls can transcend time by telling of past voyages, current projects, and future earnings. Tell of mountains conquered. Boats braved. Hectic market bazaars navigated. Tell of those dear to your heart. Tell of the days you are marking off until you see them again.

Power of Colors

Color has great power – an invisible power to create strong influence in our thinking, emotions, and actions. It is something that we see, often links our souls to the outside world, though we aren’t aware how this happens, but the fact that that this invisible power could be the reason why we adore colors a lot.

There are many perspectives around this, in fact, studies have found that color can impact people in many diverse ways – from the emotions that we associate to creating mood-altering effects of color. Now, when you want to make a choice of art, color can be an interesting dimensions to consider, sometimes the soul of a physical space can be uplifted by introducing objects of same color patterns or choosing from a diverse palette that creates a strong harmony

It’s all about YOU

One factor often people forget about their spaces is their relevance in that space – whether it is your office or bedroom or home or wherever it is a great opportunity to reflect your personal statement

You are the chief curator in your life and your home. Create exactly the look and feel you desire by displaying relics that reveal your history, piece by piece. An old, dog-eared passport or a worn out suitcase decorated with faded postcards can paint a picture of an individual’s life, of where they have been and the adventures they have undertaken.

One of the key factors to consider is the importance of your likes and choices in your space

Why not translate these adventures to your walls?

Let your home or space put your unique story on display. Bring this perspective will help choose and curate your space in a better way!

Driven by a Theme

Choosing a theme can be another way to guide your decision process in terms of setting up wall space. It is like an editorial exercise, that we choose a central theme while bringing in different pieces together, yet create a consistent experience that connects everything together. This primarily applies when you need to create a gallery wall with many pieces – especially in stairways, foyers or kids room – by bringing together quite a few elements of the theme or story you want to convey. For instance, you could pull out a theme around kid – The Coolest Kid in the Town – where you can curate different photographs and metaphors that represent your kid’s personality!

Embrace Chaos

There are no rules when it comes to hanging wall art. Choosing the right space is important after which, it is all about embracing chaos – means forget the linear, structured and disciplined approach – and go ahead to mix and match. Few simple rules to deploy while introducing differential mix to your wall

  • Experiment with newspapers over a floor to identify a perfect arrangement
  • Keep the frames or prints evenly spaced
  • Place larger pictures towards the middle of the arrangement and bloom the smaller ones around the larger ones
  • Mix frames and prints in one arrangement.
  • Pick a few that has contrasting color themes of your furniture. This will create a visual interest

Art is for everyone. Art says a lot about you: what you hold dear, what you believe in, what you think about. We envision a world that is full of art lovers who are as varied and unique as the pieces we offer. We have taken inspiration from India, the planet’s most diverse and inspiring country.


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