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12 Interior Design Rules You Need To Know

Interior design rules

There are umpteen interior design rules to follow by a designer and a home-maker, too. However, in the contemporary scenario, hardly anyone follows the traditional norms. Rather there is a huge amount of experimentation taking rounds today. And, again, the basic rules are subconsciously followed, owing to the significant balance that forms a pre-requisite in the processes of art and design.

Let us check those basic and indispensable 12 interior design rules that ought to be paid attention to.


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The first and foremost rule is Balance. Even if you tend to forget all other rules, Balance is just something you cannot miss. Because if you do not give a proper significance to this rule, the visual of any space might look horrible and ugly to the observers.

Designing a three-dimensional space is a little difficult than a two-dimensional one. You can always opt for trial and tribulations until you feel any corner of the room is not loaded with excessive decorative elements. The balance means that the room is equally distributed with the features of colors and furnishing objects.

Scale and proportion

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The best key to maintain the appropriate balance is to keep the scale and proportion in order. The scale of the size of the room to the furniture and the proportion of measure of the other elements to a particular space needs to be well-planned.

You cannot choose a large bed in a tiny bedroom space. At the same time, you cannot burden the living room with all sorts of décor. The excessiveness will kill the scale and proportion of space, thereby making it a bad work of interior design. Thus, this forms one of the important interior design rules and is also important from the point of view of wall decor ideas.


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Rhythm is a secret key to making the rooms look breathtaking and excellent pieces of art. In any kind of interiors, the rhythm can be set by varying means. If you choose a monochromatic palette, the rhythm is set to default, provided you maintain a good balance of scale and proportion.

By the precepts of aesthetics, one can follow a golden point ratio in the interiors. This way a certain object in the room could be given importance either by its size or shade. The rest could be composed according to the same properties. You can achieve by repeating a décor element in a room. This way the eye tends to follow the elements thereby setting a poetic rhythm.


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The unity is again an abstract art principle for excellent interior designing. If the rules of scale, proportion, balance, and rhythm are set then the whole décor projects a sense of unity. This attribute of unity is very pleasant to the eyes and can also bring a sense of harmony within family members.

Unity can also be thematically presented. Even if the design is ideated in a contemporary art style, unity brings a wholesome quality to the design and décor.


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Every kind of decoration can appear futile if the lighting is not intelligently handled. Apart from normal tube lights, adding ornamental elements through lampshades can be very charming. The general lighting does not deliver enough importance to corners and isolated spots.

Lighting in the form of decoration can also be fruitful and effective in interiors decors. You can add tassels with LEDs etc. or special bulbs focusing on a painting or a piece of furniture to enhance the appearance of the décor-elements.


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The color palette is also one of the most crucial interior design rules. The plan of your residence could fail if you select inappropriate hues. Extreme bright tones will affect the design of the space. The color should be chosen in such a way that they enhance the placement, composition, and other decorative items.

You can play with contrasting schemes, monochromatic, warm, and cool schemes among others. Keep the number of shades to a stipulated amount and you can repeat to avoid a chaotic rendering.

One wood

Be careful of choosing one wood to avoid unnecessary collision of shades. Maintaining one kind of wood also depicts a breathtaking rhythm and unity. This enables a harmonious appearance in your space. Also, you can add monochromatic shades by the gradient of polish you do on the wood.

The reason for choosing one wood is quite evident. If you opt for a variety of wood in the same space, not only it affects the eyes but also the maintenance could be troublesome.

Shelves and other details

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For spaces like a study room or library, bedroom, kids’ room art, or maybe a living room art , the shelves ought to be proportionally planned. The shelves if made really big to store tiny products, could look cumbersome and silly. At the same time, if you plan your shelves according to the measure of the object to be stored, it plays a decorative as well as a functional role.

Keep a special eye on the details of everything you use to enhance the décor or set up, bringing in a totally new idea. Compromising over details can affect the overall look. Execute your ideas with impeccable finishing rather than leaving them raw.


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This is not one of the interior design rules per se but they add a natural fragrance and feel to any kind of space. Using flowers as a mandatory rule would draw us to invest in some and add a tinge of naturalness to our otherwise artificial spaces.

If you wish to use flowers as only decorative elements then you can assuredly replace them with artificial ones to add a native rhythm.

Couch and Furniture

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Couch or any type of furniture forms a significant member of a house or office. Whether it is a waiting lobby, living room, official space, bedroom among many others, the couch draws the attention of everyone.

Choose a couch that is appropriate in size and proportion with the measure of the whole space. Also, let the color of the couch and furniture be in alignment with the palette chosen for the overall décor. Besides, the other furniture you choose should not crowd the space. Rather, it should take up the responsibility of beautifying it.

Floor and Rugs

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The treatment of the floor also gives a whole quality to the interior decoration. Select a good quality of floor tiles or rugs that will accentuate the décor. Avoid brighter shades and try to choose the rugs that are deeper in tones like maroon, brown shades, burnt green, among others.

Area Rug is a cooler idea to décor the space in a minimalistic way. There arises no need to add any other elements once you cover the floor with a fabulous rug.

Wall Decor

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Walls are everywhere and they catch the guests’ attention immediately. Let your walls talk about your personality and sense of style rather than keeping it bland, appearing lazy. There are many ways to décor your wall. You can either display a painting or mural or deck it up using some ideas of graffiti.

Wall décor is purposely added to one of the crucial interior design rules so that designers do not leave out this expansive aspect of interiors.

You can always make your own interior design rules to embellish your homes and add a sense of aesthetics to them.



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