Seven Essentials of Minimalism

Essentials of Minimalism

Life from the onset has never been a bed of roses, and humans in the bid to make the best out of life have at all-time devised various lifestyles and means to get the best out of life.

Interestingly realizing that human needs and desires can be met in two different basic ways, which are by actual fulfillment or by self-contentment, has to lead to the birth of minimalism and the evolution of minimalists.

The phenomenon creates a sense of freedom from such concepts as trapping of consumer culture, depression, guilt, and lack and also help to build our lives around simplicity and specificity.

The article briefs seven essentials of minimalism

Living a simple lifestyle or minimalism is a tool or a means by which people consciously maintain moderate possessions, get rid of life’s excesses, concentrate on what is essential to living a happy, fulfilled life with the right level of freedom.

The concept of minimalism does not mean it is wrong to acquire and own materials possessions like cars, clothes, houses, great careers, dressing accessories, mobile phones, etc. while a materialist derives joy and happiness from the number of owned materials, a minimalist does same by eliminating excess possessions to the possible minimum.

Becoming a minimalist is a great work, and even remaining a minimalist is not smooth, some people desire to practice minimalism but end up getting more materialistic in life, it’s sadder if one tries to follow strict rules without really putting into consideration some critical factors to success in minimalism. I will discuss seven of these tips to minimalism which I call the essence of minimalism as fellows;

Understand That Minimalism Is A LifeStyle

Most people who failed in their attempt to practice minimalism usually lack the knowledge that minimalism is a lifestyle. Hence they approach it with a today-on tomorrow-off attitude, which will complicate the whole concept.

Minimalism is a way of life; conscious decisions and efforts must be made to attain the status and more to maintain it.

Therefore, the famous saying “practice makes perfection” must be duly followed, a novice minimalist must practice how to maintain simplicity daily, efforts must be made regularly to keep the mind focused, the physical environment free from clutter and the spaces well-arranged. Minimalism is holistic and all-encompassing, hence being minimal in words and dressing, but with excesses in acquiring household utensils, gadgets, and other things may frustrate one’s attempt to become a minimalist. For successful minimalism, everything must be simple and directed toward specific needs, and things that are not needed are disposed of without delay.

Mark Out A Place For Everything

The best way to continually remain a minimalist after making the decision is to maintain constancy in the placement of materials.

Things like a car key, shoes, makeup kits, foodstuffs, and working tools. In this sense, bathing kits should remain in the bathroom, and clothes should never be found scattered in the sitting room but always arranged in the wardrobe. Scattering kitchen utensils and other home appliances around the house would certainly not help in the pursuit of minimalism even if these materials are few.

Proper organization and strict specifications are a significant quality of minimalist. Keeping the thing in designated positions is an easy technique that will help one build a good minimalism experience as this prevent spaces from becoming cluttered.

Put To Consideration The Opinions Of Your Loved Ones: To succeed in your bid as a minimalist, the opinion of your loved ones must be critically considered.

This does not mean that your spouse would make your decision of minimalism, but as a minimalist, you must adequately inform and possibly carry along your spouse and loved once. Having a spouse who does not accept the idea of wearing the same clothes every day may be a stumbling stone to your bid of minimalism. These people may shop at regular intervals and increase the level of the clutter of spaces.

Most ladies would prefer to have several shoes, clothes, Jewries and other clothing accessories, and this will frustrate a fellow who is not ready to carry along such loved ones in simplicity. The minimalist may have to assume the responsibilities of arranging the shoes, clothes, etc. he can also give the loved ones the reason to own fewer materials, which would not only create a sense of inclusion in these love ones but also reduce the level of clutter that they would cause you.

Live With A Fistful Of Clothes For A While

One of the difficult things about keeping a well-arranged home is possibly learning how to live with the right number of clothes. This was hard for me. Through the years, I’ve learned to purchase a lot of clothes quite often. I did not have the confidence, and I attempted to hide my faults with new trousers and nice-looking shirts.

Dropping this attitude required considerable time. Working for an Information Technology company aided the process to a reasonable extent.

This was possible as there was no mandatory need for me to put on different cooperate attires.  To practice minimalism, one needs to make conscious efforts to own as little amount of clothes as possible.

Learn To Learn Live Below Your Earnings:

“Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people they don’t like.” —Will Rogers

One bad attitude of those who fail in their pursuit of minimalism is living above their income level. Invest more and buy fewer materials.

Create A Routine:

The best way to maintain a pure lifestyle is to have a function to-do list that will include what to eat, drink, wear when to wake, and other activities of daily living. This technique works for every minimalist.

Meaningful is the Way!

Fill up Your Leisure With Something Meaningful: Investing spare times into necessary chores that are more meaningful than shopping, steering at phones, etc. spare time can be used for preparation clothes and other materials to be used later, just think of any favorable and rewarding things that the extra time can be invested in.

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