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7 Tips to Decide Before You Buy Art for Your Walls

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Before getting that artwork you can’t get your eyes off, here are seven tips before you buy art you should consider. It won’t be ideally appropriate in spending your hard-earned cash on an amazing piece of art only to realize it doesn’t fit on your walls like you hoped it would.

So, what are the best practices when buying art? How to buy art that fits your soul?

1. Brainstorm Tips Before You Buy It

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You need to brainstorm and ask yourself a few questions to help you put your ideas about decorating your walls into perspective.

One essential area to think about is the purpose of art. Usually, you’ll display art because of its aesthetic value in enhancing your house.

Therefore, consider what resonates with you.

Which kind of art speaks to your soul?

Which one elevates your mood and fits perfectly in your space?


If you establish your preference, you’ll be better placed to choose the right art.

Secondly, think about where you’ll want to hang the piece.

It could be your living room walls, foyer, bedroom, or restroom. Each space requires a different art design, type, and display style. With the location in mind, you’ll decide to either stick to one category of art or diversify. Whatever you choose, ensure it’s a great fit for that space.

Lastly, review the several art arrangements styles that could fit on your walls.

Having a rough idea of how you’ll display them will help you sort the different sizes you need.

2. Answer One of These Questions. Helps!

Before investing in a piece of art, ask yourself why having one is worth it. To do this, review the questions below.

  • Why do you want to buy art?

There are many reasons why people buy art. Some reasons include a passion for art, investment, inspiration, enriching the environment or the status that comes with owning one. So what are your reasons?

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  • Which message you would want the art to communicate?

The art you display on your wall says a lot about you. In this case, which personality will you flaunt?

Which type of art will accurately communicate that?

  • Which aspect of your home will the art enhance?

Whether you want to make your home warm and welcoming or you desire to intrigue your guests and trigger their creativity.

Whichever angle you look, considering these tips before you buy art will help you achieve the effect you desire.

3. Visual Balance Is the New Nirvana

Creating an art gallery by displaying multiple pieces on your wall is the new trend in interior decor. To achieve a perfect look ensure you’ve evenly distributed the pieces, depending on their ability to offset each other and achieve a perfect balance.

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Here are a few tips before you buy art to help you get that cohesive look:

  • The large pieces look great when you display them to the left of your arrangement. Think about one of such alignment tips before you buy art.
  • Apart from the artworks, you can integrate other wall decor objects such as mats, macabre or wall hanging mounts; This gives your wall a unique look and great perfect balance
  • When choosing artwork, get the one that stands out against the color of your walls; Ideally, a bright piece is a great fit for a dark wall. If your walls are bright, cool-colored artworks are recommended
  • Lastly, no rule binds you to particularly hang your pieces on the walls; You can place others on the shelf; place one on the ground or top of the foyer

4. The Light of Sight

It won’t make sense to have an amazing art piece only for people to overlook it because it’s displayed too low or too high. To make sure you don’t miss the mark, the rule of thumb is that your art should be at eye level.

So how do you arrive at the eye-level position? Depending on your room space, the art should be approximately 70 to 78 inches from the ground. Since art pieces come in different sizes, a simple formula to help you hack this is to divide the height of the portrait by two then add 60.

For example, if the portrait is 4 inches. This is how you go about it.

  1. Frame height divide by 2 (4÷2) = 2
  2. Add the results to 60 (60+2) = 62

From the illustration hanging your art piece at 62 inches from the ground is the perfect eye level. With exceptional cases, the formula also includes two to three inches’ variation.

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5. Art for Every Room – A Few Tips Before You Buy Art

As mentioned earlier, art is not only for your living room. Other rooms also need that touch of beauty. The only question is how do you go about it? Let’s get started on how to decor the different rooms.


As a place where you spend quite some time relaxing and unwinding, you need artwork that induces the same feelings. Here, invest in large-scale pieces of abstract paintings.

You can hang them directly above your bed or opposite the bed. Besides, having your family photos as part of art decor in your bedroom is a good way to relish family moments.

Kids Room

For your children, play around with colors. Kids love bright things. So, explore brightly colored art pieces in the areas that interest them: wildlife, nature, science, or sports.

Wall art and posters for Kids and Children rooms


Decorating washrooms is not a popular thing for most people. However, this space can use a little decor as you use it frequently. Given the size of washrooms displaying small to medium-sized artistic items is the best practice.


Capture your guests’ attention immediately they step into your home with artworks that make a bold or subtle statement. This is your opportunity to exhibit the beauty of art by appropriately displaying them in your entryway.

Living Room

Traditionally, when you think of artwork the first thing that comes to your mind is your living room. This is the place to explore your imagination and make a statement with your art decor.


You can go for something calm and welcoming or wild and daring. This is the space where you interact most with guests in your home. So, maintain a unique theme that showcases your personality and beliefs.

Guest Room

With your guests, it is good to be neutral. Use artworks that are travel-centered or typography posters. Your aim is to make your guest room relaxing and a perfect place to unwind.

6. Break Some Rules

Art is a product of creativity and courage. Stay consistent with these virtues when you are buying art to decorate your home. Since you’ve covered a few rules, you can break them like a pro. That’s what art is about. Here are some tips before you buy it

  • Your gallery wall doesn’t have to be symmetrical or asymmetrical. And, that leaves you with one option: your creativity. Define how you want your art to appear on your walls and go for that unique layout.
  • Do not be blinded by the illusion that an expensive art exhibit class and it’s your only option. Rather, explore the beauty of functional art, too. This will widen your options.
  • You don’t have to stick to one genre. Make your art decor stand out with a mix and match of artworks and other decor objects.
  • Do not limit yourself to acrylic painting or watercolor. Contemporary arts bring many options, which you can choose from. For example, digital prints, antiques, illustrations, and tech installations, among others can create an interesting drama.

7. Go Slow, Buy Often- The Best Tips Before You Buy It

If you are crazy about art, impulsive shopping is the disease you need to weed out. Not every “great” piece out there is beckoning you to take it home. You’ll get greater value if you take time to study what your space needs.

Then, take more time to choose the artwork that is right for your space. You don’t have to get all the pieces in one day. Stretch it over time, getting bits and pieces on different occasions until your wall gallery is complete.

With these tips under your belt, you can courageously walk into any gallery in town and make a selection.

Art has the power to transform your structured Adhoc house into a home.

Every room can look lively with a few pieces in strategic places.

There are many possibilities you can explore because art is versatile and ideal for all spaces. So, take advantage of these tips before you buy art and take your home decor to the next level.


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