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10 Powerful Functions of Art

why is art important

Why art is important in our life? How art impacts our lives? How does Art help in transforming the culture? Is History dependent on Art? How much can Art heal one? Why Art is important in our homes? What are the functions of art? Does it really help in relieving stress?

There are infinite questions that pose a challenge to art.

However, these factors are merely by-products of practicing art.

While you practice Art, you do not just simply use a pen or brush and put some strokes on paper or canvas. You undeniably tend to direct or channelize your energy towards an instinctive thought process.

This process will eventually lead to a final product of the artwork. This artwork serves as your signature.

Today the art market is booming, selling masters artworks in million dollars. A commodity would not fetch such a whopping amount. But, an artwork can.

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Furthermore, more than art for art’s sake, Art serves society.  Art inspires from society and vice versa.

A small shift in expressing the concerns proves to be an eye-opener for the culture. The distinguishing genres of arts like movies and music assist in disseminating information that is otherwise unavailable to the masses.

A few pointers are discussed below, amongst many reasons for why art is important. These reasons are interconnected with each other. the benefits of art are homogenous but a vivid and fragmented explanation helps in precise learning.

Exchange of Culture

Culture varies by regionality. The Indian, Thai, American, Japanese, Chinese, African, South American cultures vary from each other. It has developed over time.

And, thus culture persists for many years. The eventual exchange of culture is inevitable and there are a lot of examples that prove the same.

Picasso was inspired by African art while European artists acquired the cues from the Indian theosophy.

The cultures inspire artists while arts transform the culture.

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Origami, a form of papercraft, is today practiced by Worldwide artists, designers, and creative professionals involved in the art field.

Originally it was established in Japan. Music is a form of art that does not look at the region but touches the soul, irrespective of caste and creed. This cultural exchange proves the significance of art in humanity.

Supports History

Art is an interesting way to write or inscribe history. The paintings in Ajanta caves depict the culture and lifestyle of the Buddhist philosophy that blossomed in the caves during ancient times. History is documentation of the present artistic endeavors.


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In Europe, various movements like Impressionism, the Cubism movement, Orphism, Fauvism, Surrealism, etc germinated, progressed and succeeded in the attempts of contextualizing the revolutionary forms and styles of rendering.

History was being made at the time, which has assisted in education, today. One of the important functions of art remains as a key enabler for recording and documenting the history

Record the time

Art is medium to record time just like the aspect of history. The cave paintings of Lascaux, for example, rendered figurines of humans and animals that depicted daily routines. These depictions have served as a piece of important information about the past.

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This facet is the main reason why art is important today for researchers, anthropologists, historians, and archaeologists.

Emotive expression

A single stroke on the paper is an expression of your conscience. An emotion-encompassing thought takes a form on your paper. Unless you are copying, you are literally emitting your energy and zeal on and with the medium.

These emotive expressions are the reason why artworks touch the soul despite the differences in culture. Because, it is a human endeavor, which operates in a similar pattern. Emotions are inherent in art, thus remains one of the key functions of art

Relieves Stress

Art therapy is today exponentially growing beneficial to many. There are Mandana art forms for senior citizens to paint using pencil color and poster colors. These renderings help in relieving the stress as you gradually paint each compartment. Not only it helps in improving focus but also it assists in relaxing oneself.

Once you are relaxed, you can relieve your stress. At the same time, you improve in keeping a check on your building and increasing stress.

Lends Confidence

Once you relieve the impeding stress, ‘content’ replaces the negativity in your minds. This content help in developing our confidence to deal with further problems.

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Artists have been one of the revolutionary role models while some served to be significant social activists. For instance, Ai Wei Wei, an artist from China, confidently broke an urn in a rivetting performance to show his opposition towards the traditional system in the nation.

Visual Learning

History and record of the time mention the ancient civilizations that painted in varying formats. These serve as modes of visual learning.

The basic symbols today have become standard forms of communication. A thumbs-up icon detects a positive response, for instance. At the same time, the iconography of the Hindu God and goddess relates and connects us to the myriad of Indian religions.

Develops Creativity

Art enhances creativity. By creativity, it does not merely belong to artistic pursuits. It also relates to matters like problem-solving, effective communication, managing work, and many more situations about day-to-day life.

The meditative quality of art relaxes our mind which then develops the capability to see the issues with newer ways and solutions. The important role of subtlety and sensitivity in witnessing daily problems is defined as creativity.

Brings Joy

More than the serious attributes of practicing art, being with art simply gives us joy.

According to the popular proverb, Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder; different individuals will connect with varying forms and styles of art.

But, in general, there has to be a streak of art in your life to sustain the everlasting joyous and blissful life.

While someone would love to keep an abstract painting, the other would relate more with figurines like that of the Renaissance Art period. At the same time, some might love to do graffiti and text art.

These are fantastic ways to bring joy to yourself.

Improves mental health

Having given immense joy, and confidence, an individual who practices Art and communicates with modes of art is capable of maintaining good mental health.

Your mind remains positive.

Your capacity to face a complicated situation with a much freer mind over heaviness, incredibly upgrades.

To know why art is important, it is time that we figure out our way to reconnect and rejuvenate with Artistic methodology.

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