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Wall Art Hanging Guide: How to Hang Art?

Until recent days, art has been enclosed in religious spaces, galleries, and museums, but now the world is approaching art in a modern and liberal manner, which allows you to recreate any type of highbrow exhibition in your own interior. The trend is rising by breaking the elitist boundaries and disclosing art, making it accessible for you to use it such as to fulfill your needs. Because art is not decorative, but immersive and functional. Platforms like us provide you the possibility to create an artistic sanctuary in your home, a dynamic stimulating arrangement of artworks for your office space, or whatever virtual atmosphere for you to play with.

Now, if you need to go ahead and do a gallery wall in your space, there are many ways that you could approach this. We’ve put together a guide for you to consider along with an awesome collection of posters, art prints, and paintings while bringing more life to your space

Step1: Wall Art Hanging Guide – The first step is to define a personality

Everybody has something they have fond of.

As a person, you have one, if not more.

These things define, to a large extent, what your personality is.

They define who you are. You can easily identify a music lover through incessant nodding of head to song rhythms, and never-ending musical hummings. As an art lover, art can be a powerful medium through which your identity is expressly defined. In fact, the best identifier of identity is art. 

One of the ways of exhibiting your love for art; using it as your personality identifier, is bringing it closer to you.

Art cannot be brought more closely to you other than making it present where you live! Yes! In the confines of your room. On the four walls of your residence. 

This article is saddled with the aim of guiding you on how to transform your walls or tips to choose wall art for your home into a beautiful world of art that defines you.

Step2: Three Top Principles While Choosing and Hanging Art For your Space

For your walls to capture the perfect art serenity that you desire, you need to adhere to some design principles that will give your wall a touch of professionalism.

As beautiful as art is in itself, it can be discolored and diluted of its charm, should design principles be neglected. 

So, the essence of design principles is to help you arrive at an artistic ambiance colored with a quality outcome. 

Principle 1: It’s all about YOU


Your wall is your drawing board where you can bring art to life.

The design depends on you. The choice is solely yours.

Whether you want to capture the Medieval, Romanticism or even Neoclassicism period depends on you.

You’re the mastermind. Art gives you the opportunity to express yourself.

To reveal the depth of your soul. This expression can be done via several mediums.

Your poster for wall is one of them. So, how your wall will glow with art’s beauty that suits your taste is in your hands.

Why? You’re the mastermind! 

Principle 2: Tell A Story.

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Your wall is like a blank sheet waiting for a pen to have it scribbled with a thrilling story.

Your wall is your book, art is your pen and you’re the writer. Narrate a story. Remember, the essence of hanging art on your walls is to express how you feel, and to define your personality.

Telling a story on your walls through art is a good start. It is compelling and fun. 

There are endless stories to tell. Your story can be centered on love. How two innocent kids are the best of friends.

How their friendship intensifies as they grow. How it blossoms into a blissful marriage, flowered with beautiful kids. And how they lived happily forever after.

Quite touching, isn’t it? 

You can narrate stories with themes of war, music, fashion, adventure, fantasy, literature, nature, or even the story of your life.

Tell of your happiest moment. Tell of days you can never forget. Tell of people you admire.

Tell me about your favorite food. Of your hobby. Just tell a story. 

Principle 3: Show Brevity

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This is the most important part of design principles. As a curator of your space, you need to have confidence in your artistic ability.

You shouldn’t cower and be gripped in fear of what people will think of your design.

Believing in yourself and instilling your mind with confidence will reflect greatly in your design.

Be yourself.

Don’t see life through the lenses of others.

See it through your own lenses, then hang it over your wall.

Be real. Being real and courageous will make your design authentic and distinct. 

This authenticity and distinction will trigger inquisitiveness in the minds of people, making your art engaging, and even innovative.


Step 3: 7 Tips on How to Hang Wall Art Like an Interior Designer

You need to know some tips to guide you before buying art for your walls. 

Tip 1: Define WHY?

Deciding on how the art will be hung on the walls is important.

Decisions should be made ahead of time. Doing this will give you the opportunity of making the right decisions at the right time. 

There are several things to make decisions on.

Providing answers to the questions below can help you make good choices:

  • Which space will the art be hung?
  • Does art have a purpose? If yes, what is it? Is it to just beautify or tell a story? Or is there more to that? 
  • Which arrangement will be perfect to suit the wall on which the art will be hung? 

Choosing a theme can be another way to guide your decision process in terms of setting up wall space.

It is like an editorial exercise, that we choose a central theme while bringing in different pieces together, yet create a consistent experience that connects everything together.

This primarily applies when you need to create a gallery wall with many pieces – especially in stairways, foyers, or kids’ room – by bringing together quite a few elements of the theme or story you want to convey.

For instance, you could pull out a theme around the kid – The Coolest Kid in the Town – where you can curate different photographs and metaphors  and word art prints that represent your kid’s personality!

Tip 2: The Art of Visual Balance

Arriving at a visual balance is essential when hanging art on your wall.

The three ways of achieving this balance are stated below:

  • When making arrangement combinations, ensure that heavy pieces are located to the left.
  • Introduction of objects, maybe one or two, for balance created between the objects. 
  • Choose a combination of color charts that befits your wall space. 

Tip 3: Line of Sight

Height is an important factor to consider when hanging art on the wall.

Ensure to hang the art at about 55-65 inches off the ground level. This height fits the line of sight of an average person.

Note that 60inches is taken as an average for this calculation.

Below are simple steps to follow to calculate the accurate height for wall art arrangement :

  • Take measurement of the art’s height from top to the bottom. Has the answer divided by two?
  • Take a measure of the distance between the frame’s top and the hanging wires’ peak when it is drawn taut.
  • Make a subtraction of the answers you got in step 2 from step 1. 
  • Add up 60 inches to the result you got in step 3. Mark the point on the wall and take a measurement upwards from the floor. The spot market will be where you’ll hang the art on the wall. 

Tip 4: Embrace Chaos

In the world of art, there are certain occasions upon which when rules are broken that something beautiful and entirely new will pop up.

Rules are just there for guidance. Some masterpieces in the history of art were produced by committing “an artistic crime” or mistake or breaking some rules. 

So, you can do about the same with your wall art hanging. This of course will require your confidence.

  • Experiment with newspapers over a floor to identify a perfect arrangement
  • Keep the frames or prints evenly spaced
  • Place larger pictures towards the middle of the arrangement and bloom the smaller ones around the larger ones
  • Mix frames and prints in one arrangement.
  • Pick a few that have contrasting color themes of your furniture. This will create a visual interest

You’re the mastermind, remember? Don’t be tied hands down by rules.

Dare to break free from them. Improvise.

Check out if it’s appealing or not. You can always make necessary adjustments should your satisfaction not be met. Just try something new. 

Having discussed some useful tips, let’s stroll over to wall arrangement guidelines.

Step 4: Wall Art Arrangement Guidelines

Linear and Traditional

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Suitable for wall space intended to be asymmetrical and diverse. It is easy, straightforward, and cool.

Mix, Match, and Marry

It is a linear arrangement that perfectly blends in with your wall which is diversified with a set of décor objects. This arrangement invokes a sense of harmony and unity. 

Double Layered

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This arrangement is trending as the most used wall arrangement. This is because of its adaptation with other objects on the wall space. It’s a cool choice to choose.

Powerful Trio

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An eye-catching design that flows well with geometric art. It is mostly used in minimal and modern wall art décor layout.

Linear Desk Spread



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This arrangement gives you the chance to go free. And to improvise. With this design, you can follow your mind, guided by your inspiration wall art . Debunk rules. Just hang the art on your walls, following your mind and reflecting what you’re passionate about with the art you’re hanging.

Ground is new Green

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With this design, the art is simply placed on the ground, with its top frame resting on the wall. Quite cool, isn’t it? It’s a simple and artistic way of painting your room with elegance.

Just Even but Odd

This design is used on wall space that is relatively small. For instance, it can be used to cover up the space between a wardrobe and a shelf. Your creativity is needed to hang the art in the narrow space, in a way that will be appealing.

Power Pairs all the way

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This arrangement enables you to pair up things you value and have passion for, and have them hung.

Conclusion: It’s your wall space, live it up

If there is anything that gives the world its magical charms, elegance, and beauty, it is art. Art lives everywhere.

Its serene ambiance permeates the entire universe. Stars, planets, meteoroids, and the galaxy as a whole have signatures of art.

Picture a forest or natural wall art . Streams, evergreen trees, sunlight trickling through thick branches, wildlife, chirping of birds, and an innumerable number of insects buzzing forestry harmony with their sounds.

All these forestry elements can be creatively inscribed into the four walls of paintings by a creative artist. When you set your eyes on such a painting, a connection is created. And it will almost feel like you are in the forest, depending on the depth of your connection with the painting. Artistic teleportation, isn’t it? That is the power of art.

Your wall space shouldn’t be left blank and naked. It is almost a crime to leave it lifeless without coating it with beautiful art. 

Live it up! Mind you, your eyes will not be the only thing to appreciate the beauty of art, even the wall space itself will be grateful for being brought to life through wall art hanging.

So, don’t leave your wall space dead. Live it up!