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20 Wall Decor Ideas to Refresh Your Space

Walls are the first things that a visitor glances upon when enters a room. That is why walls speak volume about your personality. Check out 20 wall décor ideas that suit you and embark on the journey of home décor.


A large abstract or creative painting or series of small-sized compose to create a narrative will be a perfect idea to enhance the empty walls. Try a mural in case if you do not follow the modern art.

Rajput Court Painting - Radhe Krishna

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Tassel come in varying designs and can be easily dismantled. You can choose a traditional setup or some contemporary ideas that use paper, fabric and varying ecological products.

Fairy lights Mural

If you love coloured lights at your home then Fairy lights Mural is one of the best 20 wall décor ideas for you. The rooms decorated with fairy lights mural can operate as a great party place for you.

Patch of Traditional Fabric

This is a sort of robust idea! Some people love to use traditional patterns on their walls. You could also paint it in tribal art forms like Madhubani, Mandana or Warli art. At the same time, an embroidered patch could just pose as a mural on your off white or beige wall.


Books are the best things for a geek. The wall will seemingly ooze out a plethora of knowledgeable information. Render the wall with free-floating shelves and arrange your book in varying patterns.

I love my time wall poster

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Handling a small space to inbuild the beauty and the function, Mirrors come handy to realise this idea. Moreover, the reflective quality of the mirrors adorns the home with light and freshness.


Decorate your wall by metal, clay, cloth, or any type of material in an interesting composition.

World picture

Illustrate a world map on your kids’ wall and they will not leave the space. It is indeed an amazing idea to make the kids learn about the countries of the world.

Periodic table

If you love to recall the Atomic number of elements, draw a periodic table on your wall. Color the blocks in gradual tones and your wall is element-ready.


Well, the calendar is an idea by which you get an opportunity to re-decorate your room every year or maybe every month.


Naturalists love this idea. Grow Creeper and intensify the way to relocate them, automatically stylizing the wall. It is indeed one of the best 20 wall decor ideas to embellish your home.


The traditional and colourful puppets in the motif of birds like peacocks, parrots, etc. and animals like hen, cat, elephant are an interesting way to charge up the blandness of a room.


Well, keeping it functional, shelves are a better way to decorate a small space. Storing the accessories and other utilities while maintaining the décor.

Storage ideas

Storage ideas are meant to use varied kinds of stuff like baskets, bouquets, wall hanging pouch, etc. that not only adorn the walls but also allow us to collect our daily objects.

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Series of tiny abstract art

There are infinite ways to just compose any object on your wall. Although it could be considered as a mural it is embedded with a meaning or a strong concept.


Take a paper, do some fantabulous origami and stick it on your wall. Your wall will be awesome!


Geometry lovers will love this idea of Tangram to deck up the wall. You can use a cardboard to create tangram shapes and compose as many as you can relax or creative forms you want!


Text is extremely grasping for the guests. Buy stickers of alphabets, paint the letters or use any method to improve the wall with your favourite quotes.

Frida Kahlo Wall Art - Quotes Poster

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Banksy Graffiti

Banksy is well known for its provocative graffiti. Buy graffiti spray bottles, make cutouts and paint your walls.


Wall are like large canvas. There are innumerable textures to play with. You can use paper, sponge, etc. to develop your favourite texture on the wall.

Century Modern Wall Art

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While you choose from these 20 wall decor ideas, do not forget to select the right colors.


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