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Meaning Of Yellow Colour in Home Decor and Interior Design

Yellow color meaning

The meaning of Yellow color is umpteen and creative.

Yellow has been a favorite shade for many toddlers, ever wondered why?

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I clearly recall my yellow pastel missing from my colour box whenever I got it to start painting my new drawing for a school assignment. Perplexed all the time, I came to know it was my younger brother who would just paint everything yellow, exhausting the stick! Mountains and rivers in yellow, huts and clouds in yellow, birds and rats in yellow, he would crazily scribble yellow wherever he fancied. Browse a great collection of yellow wall art, yellow posters, prints and art decor

Based on scientific evaluation, Yellow in the spectrum of colours is capable of being easily processed in our eyes. Hence, a bright yellow object will hold our attention for a longer time as compared to other colours.

Do you, now, realize the context of yellow signals? It is this reason that yellow is a cautionary signal to be alert for red or green in a traffic post.

Likewise, in sports, yellow is a foul card as a premonition to players. Yellow screamingly tells you to think before you leap!

Yellow is a warm, luminous and radiant colour that has made its prestigious position in the interior décor amongst a tried and true set of hues.

This article shall discuss how we can let our favorite yellow sneak into our drawing rooms, bedroom, kitchen or a commercial lounge: interior design or home décor.

Shades And Meaning Of Yellow Colour

Yellow is a primary color.

Mixing it with the other two primaries of Red and Blue, there generates whole paraphernalia of a beautiful palette. Moreover, Yellow is sub-categorized as Lemon, Ochre, Chrome, Mustard, Mellow, Cream, Golden and many more. These are popular ones while the wall-paint chart exclusively marks a minute alteration providing an exhaustive list of infinite tints, carefully represented.

Different tints of Yellow project or evoke variable emotions, upon coming in contact with us.

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Chrome yellow fills the interior space with brilliance and radiance while a creamy yellow lets you calm down and consoles you.

Golden yellow sometimes feels holy while it is gaudy depending on the situation. On the same lines, greenish Yellow induces freshness in our rooms. Well, to deck up, a range of ambiances could be invented by conjoining yellows with other hues in relevant to the nature of an interior.

Overall, the meaning of Yellow color is imbued with warmth, illumination and rejuvenating characteristic for the homes.

Ways To Infuse Yellow In Your Homes

While discussing Yellow, what comes to our mind first?

I am sure it would be the sun, mango, banana, daffodil, marigold, and maybe the soothing Coldplay score.

How about yellow chair and table, yellow abstract artwork or a yellow floor? These thoughts do spark our imaginative thinking. The meaning of yellow colour has shifted over the years.

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Interior décor plays a very significant role in establishing a cordial environment of any residence. And house is all about security and affectionate exchange.

Clutter could always affect relationships while an organized house is a tokenistic feature of an amiable family. Wishing to keep minimal and yet elegant, a few keys to a charming home décor could achieve remarkable impact.

Choose a fantastic yellow abstract painting or a low relief mural over low key walls. Balance the same by similarly tinted cushion cover on your couches. Art is truly known to up the ante of interior design.

You can also play with complementary colors like cobalt, cerulean or turquoise blue, magenta, purple and violet. A gradation of these hues could be smartly composed.

Complimentary composition could be a challenging task but they deliver a brilliant appearance if played well. For eg, an alternate sequence of Blue and lighter chrome yellow cushions could be balanced by a variegated design of yellow curtains.

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If you wish to delve in a very balmy, soothing atmosphere, yellow’s marriage with white is heavenly. Soft yellow walls, and white bedsheets or wardrobe. White and yellow floral or polka-dotted or geometric patterned frames with mustard yellow backdrop are mesmerizing and extremely appealing.

Apart from the conventional idea, experimenting with abstract approach could also draw a lot of attention. Painting wall with a with creative motifs, splashing yellow on a dark tinted surface, an excellently large photograph, etc., there are innumerable ways to do it. The mind is a vast pool of them.

Keep one rule in your mind. Yellow could take away the glamour if overdone. Do not let the infatuation toward yellow blind your eyes toward the proportion you utilize while composing home décor.

Impact Of Yellow In Home Décor

Yellow positively impacts the home décor and the spaces we choose to use it in. However, as said, excessive can easily kill the drama. On the same line, if a bright chrome yellow is coated on the largest stretch of wall in a living room or a kitchen, it could affect our focus and concentrating energy.

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Yellow has a very good reflective value. Therefore, perusing the shade like mellow yellow on walls could help in incrementing the prevalence of natural sunlight or artificial source in a particular space. The entry of sunlight in homes is advantageous to keep the infestation and other pests at bay. Yellow enhances this preventive mechanism.

Moreover, I know we love colours and we want to use them all at once. But even if you are decorating an infant’s or toddler’s room, a wise balance, placement and an aesthetic arrangement are arguably indispensable. It could be cacophonous if there are a lot of bright colours which are not balanced by lighter hues. Let there be a gradual play of them throughout your room.

Colours speak and they communicate effectively. Therefore, we have a plethora of signal-language through them. The meaning of yellow colour flourishes in our homes when you live with your family with love and affection. Let the colour Yellow perform its wondrous magic if you are brewing interior designs for pristine and tender home décor.


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