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Every Home is a Museum


Art is the intense mode of individualism. Savour it. Develop it. Create connections and start conversations with bold and personal artworks around your living space. Art has the power to make us emotional. By looking at a piece of art, we are suddenly conditioned to feel things.

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Posters on your walls give your space the finishing it deserves.

They do this by taking away the boring monotony given by blank walls. Hanging art that appeals to you tells a story of your personality and interests. Wall posters can make you reflect back to past experiences or can tell of future adventures. Ensure to pick out the art that reflects your likes and interests. Something that you will enjoy looking at and living with. Art with the ability to fill the blank spaces in your life and homemaking you complete.

A great collection of wall posters on your walls can also remind you of past experiences. Experiences you are likely to have not remembered in a long time. It is wise to pick out art or posters that will bring up feelings of joy and calmness. This is only achieved by picking pieces that you like only. Something that will be right for your space because it fills in the blanks and brings a great finishing to the room. Most importantly, pieces that will motivate and guide you in whatever path you have chosen for your life.

Awesome posters for walls

Tell your stories with PYAAR. Tell stories of love.

PYAAR is a love revolution. In this fast-moving digital age of snapchatting and swiping, PYAAR re-routes our souls to the things that really matter: love and harmony. Peace and friendship. Togetherness and sharing. When you choose PYAAR products – awesome wall posters for walls and art prints – you are buying more than art. You aren’t just fullfilling your Poster My Wall wish, rather you are buying another piece of the jigsaw that helps complete a look, and a philosophy. You are one piece closer to making your house a home.

Take your time. Make yourself at home. Make sure you choose the art that is right for you and your space through our wide collection of posters and prints

Every Home is a Museum


Your wall space is your blank canvas to tell your own unique and fascinating tale. A brand new home can become a deep and meaningful message to visitors simply by choosing the right decorations that tell of who you are and where you have been.

I had a need to build a gallery wall over my sofa in the living room. The team helped to curate the posters for my wall and was impressed by how each piece was carefully created and displayed with a great deal of care. Seems like all pieces are of high quality and made out of lot of attention and detail. They left me spoilt for choice making it difficult to only buy one piece of the beauties, ending up buying one of their wall art combinations. My pieces were delivered in good time and were well packaged to ensure the safety of the pieces. – Deepthy S

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When your choose wall posters for rooms, we ensure we provide best quality. All art is printed by a 12-color digital printer. We use 220 gms white paper that is pure matte for the art. A 1 cm border is left all-round the art print to leave enough space for frames.

The frames are chosen by our qualified craftsmen who use their expert experience to decide which frame will be suitable for a particular piece. All frames are made from standard wood to ensure good quality and they come in different colors. We boast in our high-quality products made by our family of highly qualified artisans. These artists have traveled far and other parts of the world and taken in the rich culture different places have to offer. We make your simple wish – Poster My Wall – into a reality!

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To love and to be loved is a special feeling. Posters for my wall - is a question that often ponders in your head while setting up your space. This is why we're here to help! We can only love if we surround ourselves with things that symbolize love. All art products from PYAAR are made from a place of love. The name PYAAR itself means love. Wall poster collection of us is built with an intent to bring up feelings of love - making them the best pieces to have in your home. Either buying wall posters online or choosing wall posters for rooms often isn’t an easy experience, and that’s the reason we have put together a collection that inspire and entice your thinking - and during the process beautify your home with wonderful decor elements.